Your Questions About Adhd Treatment

Mark asks…

What is the best treatment for ADHD: Vyvanse or Concerta?

My doctor is going to put me on a stimulant tmr to control my symptoms of ADHD. He first put me on strattera to control my depression, and now is going to either add dexedrine, concerta or vyvanse. Which one, adhd users, is the most effective in controlling your adhd symptoms? Thanks

barry jennings answers:

About a year and a half ago I finally went to the doctor to get medicine for my ADHD..he put me on works great I can stay focused on stuff I do, I dont have to be running around doing stuff, it makes me very calm and relaxed.

My brother was first put on adderall but didn’t like it so he switched to Vyvanse and liked it better.

Thomas asks…

Who would be a good psychiatrist for treatment of ADHD in India?

I want to know name and address of a good Psychiatrist in India who is good for treatment of adults with ADD.

barry jennings answers:

Google it man

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