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Steven asks…

What is the best medication and / or alternative treatment for ADHD in a 6yo?

My son was diagnosed with ADHD today, finally. What is the best medication for this? I was looking at Vyvanse which has mild side effects and has been highly rated for it’s effectiveness. Has anyone tried Vyvanse for their child?

Also, if you know of any alternative treatments or methods that work well along with medication, I am interested in these too.

barry jennings answers:

My son has ADHD, and we have tried Adderall, and Focalin. The Adderall gave him heart palpitations and the focalin made him irritable. Most of them have some kind of side effect. Some are just worst than others. I am still trying to find the best medication. It is best to have him seen by a Neurologist or a Psychiatrist to help determine the best medication. All children respond differently . My Friend’s son uses Concentra?( I think that is how to spell it) but anyway, she says he does fine on that. I know a guy who uses caffeine and Mountain Dew, since doctors say that some of the stimulants have caffeine in them. Caffeine speeds up regular people, but it slows down the brain of those who have ADHD. He says that he haven’t had a problem since.

All I can say is get him to a specialist who deals with ADHD.

Hope this helps!

Charles asks…

what is the best neurofeedback for home adhd treatment?

8 year old boy diagnosed adhd since age of three. never on ritalin but drives his teacher and parents to distraction. we have him on feingold diet but it is not enough. we are looking into bio-feedback but want to get a complete stand alone system that people have had success with,

barry jennings answers:

I do not no anything about neurofeedback. But my son was diagnosed later at age 12. I have been reading up on adhd for 5 years. Most people I know do not have much luck with diet and alternative medication. I have meet many people who did not believe in medication, but eventually after struggling they did use medicine. It can hurt a childs self-esteem if they are not treated right. There have been studies that show that the children that do not take medicine for their adhd had a higher rate of alcohal and drug abuse. They end up self medicating themselves.

My son just tried a new medicine called vyvanse and it is working well. Nothing is perfect, but medicine works the best for most of these kids. My child is going to be 16 and he is very immature for his age. It can also be dangerous for kids with adhd to not take their medicine. My son has broken 2 arms and has a lot more accidents if he is not taking medicine. I would never let my son drive without his medicine. There are a lot of car accidents when you have adhd, especially if you are not taking medication. I know medicine is not the only answer and it does not take all of the symptoms away. But the days my son does not take his meds there is a lot more chaos in our home. Good luck.

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