Your Questions About Adhd Test

Laura asks…

Have you ever taken an ADD/ADHD test as an adult?

If so, please tell me in great detail what the test was like, any feedback you got and how you are treating the problem.

I am 23 years old and was always a good student, but once I got to college and responsibilities built up and I began my career, my lack of organization and the struggle to pay attention or remember things has increased. I am always analyzing off in space and feel it is weighing on myself and affecting my work. I hear the test is expensive and usually not covered by insurance so I’m interested to hear if it is even worth taking.


barry jennings answers:

I recently took it and I’m 17.
I was asked to sit for a while and stay focused on pressing a button to a sound.
To be completely honest I don’t think the test was worth the time really.
I believe you can try other ways of helping you focus.
Like eating healthier and sleeping.
I also learned it helps a lot to take time to clear/ease my mind before tasks.

Nancy asks…

Is it to early to test my 2yr old son for ADHD?

i’m 18 now and I was tested for ADHD when i was about 4.But i dont son never uses eye contact he’s also very hyper.He cant seem to get along with other kids as well.He has an urge to touch random things,he neverr listens

barry jennings answers:

Wait till he’s in elementary or something..let the kid grow up. All the doctors will do is give him ridalin or adderrol or something along those lines? Do you really want your 2 year old to think he has issues and take meds the rest of his life? Some boys are hyper and misbehave. Some are docile and introverted, some are aggressive and some are passive. Thats the beauty of boys! They don’t need meds to ” neutralize” them so parenting is easier. With a hyper, unruly kid, all they need is some good tough love and consistency with alot of positive reinforcement. Dote on their good behaviors and not the bad. ( I’m stronly opinioned when it comes to giving kids meds, i dont believe in abc, add,adhd,123,this or that)

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