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Carol asks…

Is there a way to be screened for ADHD like a concentration test or something?

I was supposed to be screened by my link worker but he didn’t even know what ADHD was and he didn’t know why my doctor sent me to him in the 1st place I had to explain that I was supposed to be screened and exactly what ADHD was! Anyway how can you test yourself definitively??? Mabe that I could use at home?

Kind regards!!!

barry jennings answers:

That’s ridiculous! You should tell your doctor, and report him to whoever his authorities are. Haha… Are you sure it wasn’t just the receptionist you were talking to?

I don’t think there are any ‘diy’ tests that are scientifically proven, but if you speak to someone qualified to diagnose it (psychologists, psychiatrists, even some councellors) it should be pretty simple.

I’d say try again with a referral from the doctor…

Better luck this time!

Mandy asks…

Legit and Free online ADHD test for children?

I dont want my kid to go get evaluated officially untilm i get a first opinion,so i need a adhd test online for kids,a legit one

barry jennings answers:

Don’t touch the link merlinanderson gave it’s probly a virus and isn’t really yahoo. But to answer your question there is no definite online test and I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist to be tested and then a docotr to be diagnosed.
However you probly want a test now so here you go:

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