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Chris asks…

What kinds of questions are on an ADHD test?

I’m just wondering if the questions are more directed at your experience like “do you fidget in class?” or are more like please read the colors of the following words?

barry jennings answers:

My son has ADHD, and some of the questions I get are these:
Is there any problems with him/her being too busy?
Does he/she have difficulties sleeping at night?
Does he/she have difficulties focusing on certain tasks?
Does he/she get easily frustrated when they cannot do the task easily?
Does he/she have problems with commands or being told what to do?
Easily angered or frustrated on the simplest activities?
Problems bullying others?
Does he/she get bullied by others?
Do they talk to strangers?
All of these questions and more can evaluate whether or not someone has ADHD, this is not the full list, but I am sure you get the gist of how these tests roll. For more info please check out this sight:
Good Luck and I hope this helps you out!

Linda asks…

would the add and adhd test be the same?

because i cant find any information on add testing. everytime i search for it, i always pop up with information on adhd.

barry jennings answers:


For the most part yes, they would be the same. However, testing for ADHD would focus more on hyperactivity than the test for ADD would. But the doctors would generally ask somewhat similar questions.

Dr. Chaz

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