Your Questions About Adhd Symptoms In Adults

Linda asks…

I inhibit Adult ADHD symptoms what do I do?

However, because of my lack of organization, unable to get things done.. major procrastination issues/ unable to focus,

I have been putting away getting treatment or getting tested

Honestly, I am not lazy. I work. so. hard. most nights I suffer greatly from my lack of focus and end up staying up the whole night to get things done. I don’t like to give up. However, there is something not right with my mind. I feel like I can’t control my compulsiveness, like when I get angry I just blow up even though I am a very soft spoken and kind person, I was extreamly hyper as a child. I had sever behavior issues that I don’t remember but my parents told me I once threw myself off a flight of stairs from my hyperness (i still have a scar on my forehead -__-) and that even sitting down in a chair being told to sit still i would put my hands on the sides of the hair and bounce up and down.

I am the most random person and am compulsive in blurting out really stupid things…

although I don’t have a major addiction to hard drugs (due to morals and my inability to get them), i have found i have a major addiction to chocolate. Yes. Chocolate is my replacement for drugs. The craziest compulsive thing I have ever done was eat an entire 5 pound thing of chocolate. As I was eating I was like.. stuffing my face and i was telling myself in my brain (ok.. you can stop eating now, and I had to yell to myself “STOP EATING”) and I literally could not stop. Anyways, these days my mom had to lock up the closet so that I don’t eat chocolate or any other foods without her knowing.

I don’t feel mentally well
What’s wrong with me?
Honestly, when i read the list of adult ADHD symptoms, I cried. I cried because it described me perfectly.

barry jennings answers:

I think what you mean is “exhibit” the symptoms. You can not self diagnose with any amount of certainty. You need to seek out a mental health care professional. I have had ADHD all of my life. Unfortunately, when I was younger this diagnosis didn’t even exist. I managed to be very successful despite this but as I look back I see that this condition inhibited my ability to do a lot of things that I should have done. It really tired me out living that way but I didn’t realize that it was a condition that can be successfully treated. Best wishes to you

George asks…

What are the symptoms of Adult ADHD?

My new job is overwhelming me. I continually forget things (even when I make a list) and my co-workers are starting to lose patience. I’m not a lazy person… I show up every day on time and ready to go. I’m friendly and motivated. But I feel like I have a beehive in my head when it comes to focus. And my brain is almost always exhausted.

barry jennings answers:

You just sound like ur stressed.starting a new job is extremely stresful for even the most confident person.
Maybe you mite have taken on a little 2 demanding a job which would explain the beehive in the head feeling and the inability 2 focus..Most people have these problems when stressed.
Lazyness isnt a symptom of adhd,i have it and once i do manage 2 focus on something mentally or physically nothing or no1 can keep up with
You have 2 options 1….give the job more time and c how u feel,and learn tricks 2 relax and unwind after work so ur refreshed and alert at work or….2…..luk 4 another job?
Hope this helps a little and good luck.

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