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Steven asks…

How to live “functioning well” and think study organize plan, get anything on earth done with ADHD, no meds?

I am “planning” to get info on neurotherapy, brain map, vitamin B’s, etc
soon, but for “now”, the next few days/couple weeks, how I and my son should survive and “do our stuff”, before we adjust in new life without meds for treat adhd?
I am think its time for us quitting tomorrow cold turkey for good, unless someone now say no! We seriously “need” our meds, and I have try two time before atleast, unsuccess to stay off mine, and son is wild donkey basket case-and-a-half without his, and 6th grade, what about school? How he do anything? But we “need” stop our meds, it has give us both
recent heart problems, mine permanent and his, too new to know; I get atrial fib, he get 10% in day his ventricles adding extra beats. I know this from our meds directly; my daughter doesn’t have adhd – no meds – no heart problem. Oh my land, I am not looking forward to coming days after
med-free, I’ll have buzzing head and ringing my ears! This happen before,
ok but I am worry how I spend all life.

barry jennings answers:

First and foremost have you spoke with the doctor who prescribes your son’s and your ADHD meds about your concerns and heart issues? There are many new medications for both adult and youth who have ADHD. I would most definitely start by setting up appointments and discussing possible alternative medications.

Next, the best you can do for your son and yourself should you truly drop all medications….not that I recommend it, though. Get rid of any gaming devices (game boy, play station, etc…), eat three nutritionally balanced meals a day. Drink 3-5 servings of a caffeinated beverage daily…spread out over the course of the day. (This will conteract the ADHD like Ritalin might….but, may not be as good and higher amounts of caffiene may worsen the ADHD symptoms.) Set up and stick to a very predictable daily schedule for both of you. This schedule should allow for some flexibility but should also be very simple and precise. For your son’s homework and any diligent chores or work you do, ensure that you work in an area that is free of any possible distractions. For example, your son should be given an area free of tv, radio and other noises as well as people doing other things….to put him on the living room floor while you walk through to do housework is not gonna work. Neither is having a radio on in a room adjacent to where he is working.

Again, I must assert that I truly believe that you and your son would be better of talking with your doctor(s) about alternative medications first.

Mary asks…

Is it normal to feel extremely happy after taking ADHD meds for the first time?

I’m 21 and I got diagnosed with ADHD last week. Today I took concerta 18 mg, I felt so happy, I felt like I wanna socialize, I was approaching and chatting with people the whole day, and I noticed that I talk too much.

This is very weird because that exactly what I felt when I did cocaine last summer. Is there cocaine in it?

barry jennings answers:

Yeah, it’s normal especially for your first time. Concerta contains methylphenidate which was proven to have a similar effect as cocaine, though less potent of course. It’s a stimulant and at a prescribed dose, it’s safe.

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