Your Questions About Adhd Medications

Mandy asks…

adhd medications…..?

Does anyone know of any ADHD medications that are NOT controlled substances?

barry jennings answers:

Not than I am aware of. But before you go that route, my son was diagnosed AD HD, not wanting to give him amphetamines I started researching. We learned that some children have food allergies, my son had reaction to food coloring (a petroleum product) and preservatives. He would go nuts if given a hot dog! He became combative, irritable, restless, etc.. He was given a very low time released dose of Ritalin to help him through the school day, about one fifth the amount other children were prescribed. Might be worth checking out. Good luck!

George asks…

ADHD Medications?????

If ADHD patients take a stimulant and it helps them focus by slowing down there thoughts. What can ADHD patients take to help them when they are tired or sleepy or just need a good pick me up?

barry jennings answers:

I take Ritalin and it does keep me awake and alert, while at the same helping me focus. It is also prescribed for mild narcolepsy, so that’s what is happening. If I get sleeping in mid-day (like almost asleep at the wheel), I realize my Ritalin has worn off. Just don’t OVERDO it.

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