Your Questions About Adhd Medications Vyvanse

George asks…

ADHD medication Vyvanse the first 4 days?

he first day I felt amazing, all my energy came back, I was sociable, I can look people in the eyes when talk or when they do because th epast 12 years I havent, I am sociable and not sleeping as much, Before I would sleep 12-14 hour days.
The first day I only slept 3 hours, 2nd day I didnt feel as energetic but still a little focus.
anyway I am on day 4 and im only at 30mg ofnVyvanse. I’m starting to space out a little bit watching videos so I wonder if I am getting imune to the 30mg. I was told by my doctor to start out at 30mg then after 7 days go to 5omg. I hope that will fix this. I wan tto be able to pay attention all the time and also not sleep as much. I also like being sociable again since the past 6 years I stayed in my room, maybe I’ll get a girlfriend?
people at my work are looking at me as well. not sure why. I use to have crazy amounts of energy when I was younger and and thats coming back so maybe there not use to seeing somebody work as fast as I did the past couple of days,Im also talking and looking into there eys when I or they speak.for the first time I am not affraid of eye contact, the reason why is I use to get distratced by there lips or hands or I felt like i was in a staring contest.
I am also not thinking about sex24/7. for once its actaully nice I am 32 years ol.

barry jennings answers:

Try not to take too much

Carol asks…

WHY does my heart hurt on this ADHD medication Vyvanse?

not bad but like heart burn? I have check my blood prssure through a mchine I have at my house. It’s 125/85. sometimes it does fluxuate though during the day when I am on it. basically in the morning it can go up tp 160/90 but I just check it and its at 125/85 and thats when I am feeling theheart burn.
I did tell my doctor on the phone yesterday my bloodpressure fluxuates but that sit not the heart burn because I didnt feel it yesterday. Do you think because it a stimulant and i just started it 3 days ago? so it might pass?

barry jennings answers:

I believe that normal blood pressure is around 125/75.
However you need to go to a doctor about any pain like what you talk of, it sounds like stomach acid problem; what ever it is, even if it is your heart, see your doctor ASAP.


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