Your Questions About Adhd Medications Vyvanse

William asks…

Would taking Vyvanse the medication for ADD help me loose weight if Im not ADD or ADHD?

barry jennings answers:

It’s a moot point, because without being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, you won’t be prescribed it anyway. If someone were to use another person’s prescription for this, it would be illegal.

Helen asks…

Can taking a bath inhibit the effects of Vyvanse and other ADHD medications?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but It seems that whenever I take a bath or shower in hot water, my ADHD medication Vyvanse will seem to stop working, and I will have psychological difficulties.

If I take a hot water bath it seems it knocks some chemicals in my body out of balance.

When I step out of the bath for the rest of the day it seems to exacerbate daydreaming and uncontrollable, repetitive thoughts. I often seem to have memory problems and brain fog. Is this due to a chemical imbalance? I often seem to want to eat carbohydrates as well. I know that hot water can make veins temporarily widen and reduce blood pressure.

I noticed that whenever I take a shower, I seem to have an urge or addiction to change the water from cold to hot and cold and hot. I’m attracted to the stimuli. So essentially my body temperature changes with the water. Is this not a good thing to do for my body? Does this somehow knock neurotransmitters out of balance?

Someone told me that taking a bath in hot water makes you mellow and calm and sleepy, and that’s why people take it before sleeping.

barry jennings answers:

No, I don’t think so. Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) is a psycho-stimulant. It is approved for treatment of ADHD. However many do not think ADHD (or ADD) are legitimate disorders. Its use is just taking legal “speed”. For your info on the general topic of use of a psycho-stimulant to treat ADHD I cite the following references:

www,…, for a video with Dr. Mary Ann Block who deplores the diagnosis of ADHD and subsequent treatment with psycho-stimulants in children. She suggests alternate treatment.

Good luck!

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