Your Questions About Adhd Medications Side Effects

Michael asks…

Side effects of ADHD meds?

Hi, I’ve been prescribed 10mg of Adderall per day for ADHD for about a month now. Adderall gives me weird cravings to take more Adderall and cravings for energy drinks and coffee. I ignore the cravings and take my prescribed dose. I also have avoided caffeine since starting Adderall because I’ve heard that caffeine doesn’t mix well with stimulant ADHD medications.

Adderall also seems to worsen my anxiety issues, and makes panic attacks seem almost like seizures!

Are stimulant cravings a common side effect of Adderall?
Should I tell my doctor about Adderall’s effect on my anxiety?

barry jennings answers:

If your panic attacks feel like seizures, and you crave energy then you should definitely talk to your doctor about this. This could be a variety of issues, and your doctor would be the best to let you know whats going on and whether or not to stop it (which I’d imagine so).

William asks…

What are some medications to help withdraw side-effects from prescription medications (stimulant- Adderall)?

I’m trying to find some medications that help prevent or prevent the sideeffects of withdraw from Adderall. I’m trying to quit. But, everyday that I don’t take one my body feels so weak that it is hard to move and let alone get up out of bed (even to get food or pee!); when I do manage to get up and walk I frequently just fall because my legs are too weak; my brain can’t really process anything and I can’t understand anything (which puts schoolwork WAY out of the question); I have very angry thoughts and have thrown things and punched the wall (my thoughts are way more hostile than this though); I get depressed, cry, and find interest in nothing; and sleep all day. These are the main things I suffer, but there may be more.

So I need medications or a medication that helps prevent extreme fatigue, helps to increase thought and focusing, helps to prevent hostile actions and thought, helps to prevent depression, and helps to prevent anxiety.

The only medication I know that helps prevent extreme fatigue and increase thought and focusing is Adderall (and other ADHD medication), which is what I’m trying to quit.
A mood-stabilizer may help prevent hostile actions and thoughts
Anti-depressants help prevent depression
Anti-anxiety medications help prevent anxiety

I also need medications that work instantly to help the withdraw sideeffects.
Please give me advice or provide links to websites with helpful advice!!!!!

barry jennings answers:

Adderall is cocaine with a slight modification to the molecular structure that allows drug companies to sell it for a high price. You need to do what cocaine addicts do to get off that drug. Since it is basically cocaine, you can look at any website that lists the side effects and they are the exact same as that drug. Look at what they recommend.

Good luck to you

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