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Lizzie asks…

my psychiatrist seems to be convinced i have adhd?

i went to her for the first time complaining of three major symptoms… 1) an uncontrollable inner voice that tells me what to do, and the inevitable feeling of doom if i don’t do it 2) extremely unstable mood of ups and downs and 3) lack of emotion.

she ended up giving me information on depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and adhd. my “homework” was to see which one best fit me.

I came back definitely deciding bipolar disorder, yet they all seem to ignore symptoms 1 and 3. we talked and she said the next step was deciding if i want to go on medication. she said “i still think there’s something about adhd in there” or something along the lines and wrote down medication for adhd and also mood stabilizers. i’m not supposed to research them and decide which/if i want to go on any of them. i’m also on the list for a therapist now but it will be a really long wait.

is it just the fog of self-diagnosis because i really don’t see me being adhd? we talked about how i have trouble getting work done and paying attention but that’s only because i’m either too hyper or depressed and she completely ignores the other symptoms
correction: i AM supposed to research them

barry jennings answers:

I think you should go see another psychiatrist for a second opinion. It seems kind of weird YOUR “homework” was to figure out what is wrong with you. That is her job. Also, it is kind of strange she is letting you pick your own medication and decide if you want to “go on any of them.” But that’s just my personal opinion based on my personal experience with multiple psychiatrists. They each formed a diagnosis based on my answers to their questions. They then prescribed a medication. If I didn’t like the side effects, they prescribed a different one. I don’t know what I would do if I had a psychiatrist like yours.

Ken asks…

I was diagnosed with ADHD have a doctors appointment monday, how do I get put on adderrall or a related drug!?

So I had been in counseling for a while prior to moving here (I’ve lived here for like 2 years) and Ive been trying to not do the medication thing for my adhd.. I had seen three different counselors in the past and I have three different papers dating 2002,2007,and 2008 which says I have ADHD 314.0 on axis and type 0.. whatever that means.. So does this mean if i bring those papers in that it will be helpful to get put on drugs? I even have a paper that says they are putting me on medication (adderrall) for it.. I really am not a college chick trying to get high.. I need help.. So i am seeing a primary care physician on monday since I already have the diagnosis so its not like im trying to get diagnosed again and then they decide whats best whether it be counseling/drugs/etc.. and they have the power to perscribe drugs… So what should I say to him/her to make my case? what shouldnt i say? and on one of the papers it said i had issues with cannabis and drinking and even one said i had cocaine dependence but this was a long time ago.. its on the diagnosis form with the adhd since it lists all of your problems on the form.. would this be a problem? should i just show her the forms that say i have adhd and slight drinking and smoking pot rather than the one that says i have cocaine dependance (in 2008) ? please no judgements.. thanks

barry jennings answers:

No matter what your background the doc will prescribe what he/she thinks is best. Or may prescribe more counseling. But with your addictive personality you may want to stay away from the stimulants.

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