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Donna asks…

Why do you think medication for ADHD is bad/wrong?

I am writing a paper about ADHD and the use of psychostimulants. I wanted to get peoples ideas on why they think these meds are bad. You don’t have to explain if you don’t want to, just a list. Something other than “ADHD doesn’t exist” please.

Thank you!!!
Just to clarify, I am advocating the use of these medications (namely psychostimulants), but I have to include other view points and refute them. If it helps, my thesis is that people should atleast consider them as a possible option, and most patients should turn to them as the primary treatment, possibly for long term use. I argue that they are safe, effective, and convenient, which is why they should be tried, and I argue that people should use them as the primary method of treatment because several professional psychiatric association agree, even opponents of meds agree, problems will become immediately evident, and when coupled with therapy or multimodal forms of treatment, the person can reduce or even get off of the medication without struggling for a long period of time.

My idea for why people may disagree may not want to do what I am advocating is b/c they dont think ADHD is real & feel it is overly diagnosed, concerned about the side effects and health
any other ideas?

barry jennings answers:

It’s not wrong. But medications won’t solve the problem, they will only cover it. Stimulants in small doses help everyone concentrate, ADHD or not. When children grow up with behavioral problems and their parents medicate them to fix it, the children never learn how to control those behaviors and the problems persist into adulthood, hence, adult ADHD becomes common.
Of course, this is not true for all individuals with ADHD.

The main problem I have with ADHD and stimulant medications is that the medications are over-prescribed and the diagnosis is often made without proper assessment by doctors (mainly GPs) who don’t even know what they are diagnosing.

Joseph asks…

what would i need to do to get my cannabis card?

K so i am 18 and i live in California. I have ADHD and marijuana is the only thing that has made a big deference i can think clearly when im high and its easier to concentrate. I have tried other ADHD medications like strattera, the 2 days i took it my emotions were haywire and i got mad hella easy and i would just start crying out of nowhere. i have tried other stuff but idk what there called i don’t pay attention to stuff like that. I went to this website( and it said something about my medical records and recent treatments or something like that but i haven’t went to the doctor or got any treatment stuff or had any prescriptions for like 4 years i just got over taking pills that weren’t working. so i was wondering would i need to do any other stuff besides just getting medical records? oh and heres a list of ailments with ADHD on the list (

barry jennings answers:

What you need is a doctor to sign your authorization.
Doesn’t have to be your regular doctor.
In fact, California is busting out at the seams
with doctors who do nothing but see mmj
patients and sign their paperwork, for a fee.

Sure it would be easiest if the doctor you already see
just signs off, but there are many docs out there
who understand mmj and it’s effects for ADHD

Good luck. Lots of good info and videos on the
subject at

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