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Ruth asks…

Can woman multivitamins boost up breast?

My father bought em for me because of the lack of iron my adhd medication can be doing to me.
I just took one, and then swallowed it with yummy milk. After I took it, I read the container, and said list of things in small letters; and one of the things it said in the front of the container was “breast health”. Can breast health be anything involving breast and the healthy breast things that I can get from it?

barry jennings answers:

If you mean can it make your boobs bigger, no it can’t.

Mary asks…

ADHD- predominantly inattentive?

I’ve suspected I have ADHD (specifically, predominantly innatentive) for years now, but i’ve been able to get by without medication up until this point.

What changed? I started University. I just finished my first year of Computer Science, and man oh man, was it rough. I did fairly well in high school, and I think thats because (and lets be honest) most people can get by in high school without studying all that much. Since I suspect I have ADHD, studying was always troublesome for me, but in HS I could retain enough information with very little studying (no joke, all three years of HS I studied less than 15 hours, and even got on the honours roll.). Thats also the reason many of my friends were surprised when I brought this up, many of them felt I was “too intelligent” (theres the self-flattery, lol) to have ADHD, but of course they are not professionals and do not know that people with ADHD are no less likely to be highly intelligent than other people, and in fact may be more likely to have a high IQ. Unfortunately, its like having a V12 engine but only being able to use first gear.

Uni though, uni is just a different beast altogether. I barely got by. Thats when I decided to take my list of symptoms to a doctor, and talk to him about it. I did so last week, and he sent me to get a blood test done first to rule out some other causes of these symptoms. He is also a close family friend (always trouble ) and expressed his sentiment that he didn’t think I have ADHD, and even if I did he thinks I shouldn’t be medicated. This reflects the sentiment of my parents, who seem to think that everything can be solved without medication (they are from India, plus they are…well…old).

I see him again tomorrow, and if I chose to he will proscribe me the medication. I think i’ll ask him to do that, because the worst case scenario is that they don’t work and I stop taking them, right? Besides, with ADHD very often the medication is the diagnosis.

So yeah, just in case this post wasn’t long enough I’ll post my symptoms list here, and I want your honest opinions. Does it sound like ADHD-PI, which medications should I talk to him about, etc. Also another thing, like I mentioned my parents are very traditional and somewhat against medications. I’m 19 now and live in canada, so I don’t actually NEED their consent to take the medications, but I want them to be a part of my getting better. What can I say to them?

-Careless mistakes at work/school work
-cannot focus on boring tasks
-terrible at organizing activities/prioritizing work to be done
-frequently put off tasks that require mental effort
-extremely easily distracted by noise
-forget chores
-Trouble getting to sleep (racing thoughts)
-Trouble waking up (groggy, can’t get going)
-frequently tune out of group conversations/movie dialogues/books
-excess of caffeine makes me sleepy instead of active
-starting/finishing assignments is very hard
-generally restless/always walking around the house, even when eating meals
-easily frustrated by tasks/easily give up
-mind shifts quickly between tasks, and few get done
-in grade 1, parents were concerned that I took too long with homework. Teacher told them to record how long it took. An assignment that should have taken kids 15 minutes took over an hour
-generally unmotivated/sluggish/bored
-angry/hyperactive as a child
-might read a page in a book/textbook multiple times without mentally registering it


barry jennings answers:

Your doctor friend knows the risks of the medication, including addiction and tolerance (as your body adjusts you need higher doses).

Amphetamines including Adderall, are some of the most highly abused drugs by college kids – and once addicted, they are extremely hard to kick. Kids are horrified to learn they can’t get off them by themselves, even when their liver and kidneys start failing.

They may seem like life-savers in the beginning, but they are life-enders after a very short while, literally.

Your symptoms also could indicate anxiety, teen hormone swings, Asperger’s. But trust the family friend.

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