Your Questions About Adhd Medications List

Daniel asks…

ADHD Medications, Do you trust them?

I certainly do, (only the stimulants, others dont work at all for me) But I dont understand why so many people are against these drugs. because the majority of them haven’t even took them or even know how they help alot of people function in everyday life. How could you people be so sure about something you haven’t even experienced?

No, they are not natural, but mushrooms are, and I could list a few types that would kill you in under an hour.
(just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous)
I believe ADHD drugs are alot safer than Marijuana for example, yet so many people seem to approve of that crap, what’s up with that? Marijuana slows down your functioning. This world is backwards isn’t it?

barry jennings answers:

The question you asked 24 hours ago is asking others of YA how dangerous your meds are. So how can you now be so sure that speed is safer than marijuana?

NO, speed is NOT safer than marijuana. The only reason it doesnt work like speed for you is because you have a medical diagnosis that changes the way it works. Marijuana probably does effect you worse than speed, but again, that is because of your biological condition, NOT because speed is safer than marijuana.

The world is not backwards, YOUR biology is backwards.

Many of the adhd drugs leave the patient hollowed out and unemotional. I have a problem with how many of them are passed around in high schools by the students trading drugs. And I dislike how much adhd is over diagnosed, just to drug kids up instead of giving them enough active and creative outlets. The speed is often abused not only recreationally, but by students trying to pull all nighters. And it is quite dangerous for people who actually ARENT adhd to take them.

Susan asks…

Does anyone have experience with these medications?

I have ADHD and I am currently looking into medications to try. I would like to know if anyone has had experience with the following four medications:

1. Daytrana Patch

2. Metadate CD

3. Ritalin LA

4. Vyvanse

If so, was it good or bad? Would you recommend the medicine or not? Feel free to put in your answer if there was another medication that you would recommend that I did not list above for ADHD.

barry jennings answers:

The first 3 medications are all different forms of the same medication (Methylphenidate). They work no differently and only the way you get the medication in your system is different. The last medication is closer to Adderall (which is multiple different stimulant medications combined). All of the medications act in the similar ways to relieve ADHD symptoms. As already stated you should talk to your doctor about which medication, if any would work best for you. Also Methylphenidate (Ritalin) has not been proven to have more side effects than Adderall, in fact it’s the other way around. Ritalin is usually the first choice medication (in various forms) given to children and adults that are formally diagnosed with ADHD and need medication. Depending on your symptoms (provided you have spoken to and been diagnosed by a doctor/specialist) you may not need medication at all. I have been diagnosed myself and have been lucky enough to adapt and make my symptoms work for me in a positive way without medication. That does not mean you can or will, just that it is possible. Talk to a doctor/ specialist and they will explain to you everything you need to know. Every medication given for ADHD symptoms are very powerful and will most likely have side effects regardless of the medication given. Some of the side effects are; Mania, Fatigue, Euphoria, Depression, Increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure just to name a few.

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