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Sharon asks…


I was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking 30 mg of Vyvanse about a two weeks ago and I am 16 years old. I have experienced headaches that start around 9 pm and last until 10 am the next morning. I have loss of appetite and a little nausea. I shake my legs and I’m always in an energized mood until about 8 or 9 pm. I know that these side effects are normal, but I have not seen any difference in my concentration yet. The only difference it has made are the ones I listed above. I was wondering if I should consult with my doctor about perhaps trying a new medicine or maybe getting a higher dosage of Vyvance. People who have experience with the drug Vyvance or are a licensed doctor would be nice. Thank you very much.

barry jennings answers:

I would go to your doctor and see what’s going on. They can give you a better answer than anyone on here. Well unless there a doctor themselves. Good luck 🙂

Mandy asks…

How to cope with innatentive adhd?

If anyone have experience adhd I will really appreciate any advice. Here’s what I. Had passed trough since two months ago aprox. I was self diagnosed with adhd. I decided to look for help at my college but since the psycologist were taking summer recess I decided to go directly to a psychitrist. I told him what I thought but since I’m 20 he told me if I wasn’t diagnosed as a child there’s was no possibiluty I had adhd. He diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. I staarted taking pills as he directed. I felt the worst in my life. I felt incomprehended. I knew he wasn’t the perfect psychiatrist for me. But I have no other choice and continue with him.its bein two weeks and a half and yesterday I decided to not take any medications. I had woke up early in the morning with diarhrea. I was trembling , and sweating the last I rember was me trying to come bad to my bed but I wasn’t able to walk when I wake up I was in the floor outside the bathroom. I had a visible scar in my arm so I knew what I passed happend to me. I realize how important and valuable my life was so I decided to stop taking the pills. I felt everytime that I swallow my pills that I don’t needed them. I had decided that I don’t want to depend on pills. If I am having anxiety I can deep breath and try all my best to keep it undercontrol. About the depression I had decided to take baby steps and go out home unless it is for give a walk with my dog. I’m young and I know I can. At first I dint mind taking the medications since I thought I needed that extra help but know I had accepted who I am. All my life I have learned how to be as a normal women. I drink 2 cups of black coffee and I. Fell ready to go. If I don’t do it I will be all day taking classes and I woldnt talk. I just feel so lacking of energy! I have learned to have a to do list because needed to keep me on track and remember the things I have to do. I’m very disorganized. And I can’t tell,its fine for me but I need to atleat organize my bed when I wake up just because my mother insist.I’m doing good in college. Its a nightmare but I have learned to deal with it. I always fell I’m late to classrom but I scheduled my classes one after another. I will come home having no idea what the proffesors teach me in the classroom but I write on my notebook what have been discussed and I will self learn on my own time all the material have been discussed. I have discover that while in a conversation is impossible for me to follow the others person thought. I always zone out. Is so embarrasing! Well I can still go on … but that’s it. Is there other person that live with the iinatentive type without medication? Any recoomendation will be always welcome. Excuse my writing this is obviously not my first language… thanks in advance 🙂
Hi matt I’m glad you are doing fine :). Well his explanation was that if I wasn’t diagnosed around 7 years old it was more likely it was impossible for me to have it. He just didn’t. Believe in adult adhd. The psycologist on my campus was open to give me a test and and iq test so she can diagnose me or not. Since it will take some time until the results arrive I saw no point on waiting until the next semester start again. But I will get tested on august. I just needed help. I usually ask what chapters are going to be cover and I study them ahead so when the proffesor discuss the material I’m not lost in case there is a quiz or something. Its so diffucult for me when I dislike the class in advance! I force myself to sit at the front! But I’m the opposite I usually fell with no energy meehhh… so maybe we can trade some energy and balance it idk :S good luck in your studies! Greetings from Puerto Rico 🙂

barry jennings answers:

Find a different doctor. Adult ADHD absolutely exists and most of the medical field agrees with that now. It may be true that more people are diagnosed in childhood nowadays, but that depends a lot on where you live and your access to professionals and how severe your symptoms are. I just got diagnosed at 42! It didn’t just happen then of course. I’ve had it my whole life, but when I was a kid, nobody much screened for such things. They just said I was a “space case” or daydreamer. Get the testing done. If you have it, you’ll benefit by getting the right meds and therapy and also whatever accommodations for testing etc the doctor might recommend.

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