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Sandra asks…

Straight-A student with ADHD?

I have a question (obviously, or I wouldn’t be here).
Well, I’m a stright-A student at school (I’m in 8th grade). I always get top grades in everything, but I think I might have ADHD. I have a real problem concentrating on my homework and stuff (I always end up doing it untill the middle of the night, getting up from my chair every three words), and I also have a problem listening when spoken to, I’ve also read a list of sympotoms and could relate to a lot of them.
Now, the problem: I talked to my mom about it, and she just won’t believe me! She says that usually kids with ADHD get low grades and have many behavoir problems (I don’t really have behavior problems, I mean, nothing that the teachers notice.).
Is it possible to have ADHD but still get very good grades, I mean, without taking medication or anything? I just want to know if I could really have ADHD, or if it’s all in my head…
BTW, sorry if I have any grammar/spelling/general English mistakes, English is not my mother tounge and I don’t live in an English speaking country (although I wish I did).
It does have a negative effect. I’m always late with papers (because of my reputation as a good student my teachers usually let me hand in stuff a bit late), and I never get enough sleep, it’s also really annoying that I can’t concentrate on anything, even if it doesn’t effect my grades.

barry jennings answers:

Hi I me mine. Congratulations for having an excellent academic brain. As to your worries, be advised that having ADHD like symptoms does not automatically mean you have ADHD. The problems you are facing could be just a process of growing up – pressures from peers, expectations from oneself, parents promptings, and other distractions.

Before considering going on medications or things like that, why don’t you give ADHD vitamins and ADHD diet a try first? They may hold the answers you are looking for. You can get info on them from this informative site:

Many ADHD people turn out to be brilliant individuals. If you don’t believe me, then look up the section “People with ADHD” inside the same website I gave you.

Have a nice day.

Sharon asks…

Which ADHD medication causes the most weight loss?

Hello. So, I’ve been on adderal (If i’m spelling that correctly.) for a few months now. I’ve lost over 15 pounds. I was wondering if most ADHD medication’s have this effect. Which ones do? I want to be aware of them because I don’t like being on this anymore. I want to stop loosing weight. Can someone give me a list of ADHD meds that make you loose a lot of weight? Thank you!!

barry jennings answers:

It really just depends on your brain chemistry. However, I grew up on Ritalin and adderal and was to thin my whole life! So don’t go on either one of those! (there known to speed up the metabolism the most) ask your doctor about conserta and vivanse (idk if I’m spelling these right)

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