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Lisa asks…

How do I get on meds for my ADHD?

So I had been in counseling for a while prior to moving here (I’ve lived here for like 2 years) and Ive been trying to not do the medication thing for my adhd.. I had seen three different counselors in the past and I have three different papers dating 2002,2007,and 2008 which says I have ADHD 314.0 on axis and type 0.. whatever that means.. So does this mean if i bring those papers in that it will be helpful to get put on drugs? I even have a paper that says they are putting me on medication (adderrall) for it.. I really am not a college chick trying to get high.. I need help.. So i am seeing a primary care physician on monday since I already have the diagnosis so its not like im trying to get diagnosed again and then they decide whats best whether it be counseling/drugs/etc.. and they have the power to perscribe drugs… So what should I say to him/her to make my case? what shouldnt i say? and on one of the papers it said i had issues with cannabis and drinking and even one said i had cocaine dependence but this was a long time ago.. its on the diagnosis form with the adhd since it lists all of your problems on the form.. would this be a problem? should i just show her the forms that say i have adhd and slight drinking and smoking pot rather than the one that says i have cocaine dependance (in 2008) ? please no judgements.. thanks

barry jennings answers:

Your doctor will either prescribe you meds, or he will refer you to a psychiatrist.

If i were you i wouldn’t bring those papers along. Patients with a history of drug use cannot be prescribed stimulants.

Those papers from a long time ago, you would need to diagnosed again anyway because you are an adult.

Oh yeah – if you really do have drug use issues… A prescription for stims might not be the best thing for you if you are trying to stay clean

hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions message me.

James asks…

Is it ADHD or a Behavioral issue?

I have a 3 year old that is out of control. He can not be managed. We have tried time outs, spanking, taking away toys and the list goes on! He’s been diagnosed as ADHD and has a bipolar father. They have started medication for the ADHD because of his size. He will be 4 in early January but is 86 pounds and 47 inches tall! That’s almost a 4 foot 3 year old!!! He’s solid! He is VERY active even with medication. At times he is still completely out of control. He will stop what he’s doing to YELL at you and bark orders. He’s recently started peeing in his pants because he wont stop playing to go to the restroom. I am losing my mind! I can’t find any behavioral help out here or in our city. He goes to a psychiatrist in a nearby city but I haven’t been impressed with them. He’s only 3 fixing to be 4…. I just want a somewhat manageable child. Another thing…he doesn’t sleep at all at night. Been on Melatonin and now they have him on clonodine to make him sleep but he still doesn’t sleep through the night. He will wake up every hour on the hour…wide awake and ready to play or watch TV or even eat…… whatever it is on that night. HELP HELP HELP
In reference to his peeing in his pants… He has been potty trained for almost a year….and has recently started peeing or going into a corner and pooping in his pants. When he is playing he doesn’t want to stop to just take a break.
(I couldn’t figure out how to reply so wanted to add this part…lol)

barry jennings answers:

The difference between ADHD and a behavioral issue is whether or not he wants to control himself. If he wants to ba able to sit still and concentrate but physically can’t then he has ADHD (it would be a bit hard to see the difference in a three year old though).

I have ADHD and high functioning ASD and when I was his age I was out of control too, I would wet myself “on purpose” and scream a lot and do pretty much all the things you say he does here so there is a good chance that it is just his disorder and he is not a bad kid. For the wetting himself then give him rewards, find something he really like (not junk food) and give it to him whenever he uses the toilet.

NEVER let him watch tv or eat just before bed, it will make his sleep problems worse, I have suffered from ADHD insomnia all my life and I know you will see a dramatic improvement in behavior as soon as he is getting appropriate amounts of sleep.

If this is just behavioral problems then the medication will probably be making him worse, ask your doctor if he is old enough to switch medications (some have a minimum age) if you don’t think he is responding to his current ones. Try a 1 week no medication period to see if they are actually helping him.

But most importantly remember, most children are difficult as toddlers and his ADHD is making him worse, I was an “emotionally volatile”, violent, hyperactive little kid and now I am a strait A high school student, appropriate discipline and time is all it took to get me where I am now.

Good luck

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