Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Teenagers

Sandra asks…

Not sure how to handle this situation..?

I have a younger brother who has a lot of issues, he is on medication for ADHD. He also does some other odd things, well things I find odd and don’t think most children do. he smears feces on the walls sometimes and will tear up a room because he says he was mad. I’ve worked with children for quite sometime and I have children of my own. I know the behavior of tearing up a room is somewhat common in the toddler years but he is almost a teenager.

My mother will not discipline him. Her idea of discipline is threatening him but she never follows through with the punishment. He controls the house basically. My mother says he does these things because he’s a boy and that when my children get older I’ll see what she’s talking about. I’ve baby-sat for him and he is very rough and ended up hurting one of my children, all my mother could do was laugh when I told her.

Ok just wanted to give you a little background. Anyways my mother is wanting my oldest child and him to go to the movies (she would be going too) My concern is that she can’t even control him, I worry he would do or say something inappropriate. The only way I would agree to let her go is if I went with them. I’m not comfortable with her going with just the two of them. My mother will more than likely be offended by this, because I intend to tell her what I just typed above.

I guess I’m looking for some reassurance or for someone who has been in a similar situation. I really don’t want my mother to feel offended but I feel I have to do what’s right for my children and our family. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

barry jennings answers:

He sounds more like an autistic kid. He does that too when around kids his age?

Linda asks…

Need help with violent teenager!?

First of all we live in the UK

Right, my brother is 19 and has severe adhd. He is violent to my mum and brother (I don’t live with them) for example tonight he got her round the neck over something really stupid! He steals from her, smokes weed in her house and doesn’t have a job. When my mum tells him to leave he point blank refuses. He tells her when she can or can not speak, when she has to go to bed, when she can watch tv etc. He towers over her and is really strong. There is no way she could physically throw him out and she is petrified of him. We have tried calling the police but they just bail him and he comes straight back and is even worse. They won’t help at all. The council won’t give him anywhere either. How can I get him out of her home and life. She is miserable and I am really worried about her. I just don’t know what to do. Any help would be great.
Oh and he is supposed to be on medication for his adhd, but he won’t take them. He used to have a psychiatrist but now he is over 18 they aren’t interested anymore.

barry jennings answers:

If he is violent when you are around, call the police. It’s all you can do. Encourage your parents to see that they are enabling him and aren’t helping him when they do things like that.

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