Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Teenagers

Michael asks…

Q for adult women who knows life as a victim of abuse as a very young child to teenager?

Are any of you that were a forced entry into this life time think and feel differently than the people who were not? As though we were not to be here to start with? For 14 years I was abused and controlled in every way. Do people: family,co-workers,in laws etc. Treat you like you are as bad as the perp? Do you live with P.T.S.D., OCD, ADHD, Anxiety Attacks,Panic Attacks,Social Phobia’s,Depression etc? I am on Medications.I have been deprogrammed.I am 52 but in ways much older and younger in some areas. I have been seeing professionals since the age of 14.I have worked on my self as well.I have done a lot research, reading books, groups etc.I am reprogramming my brain.I have the logical part working great. My Doctors can only do so much. I need help from someone that knows what needs to be done. Have you or anyone you know had to do this and came out with everything in order, or as well as can be exspected?
I live life from my soul.I have always walked in the light (positive) and staid well away from the dark (negative); even while being a slave & living in the concentration camp home life.I vowed to God, my self and my children to come that I would not become a dark soul and love would fill my every day.I learned very early to sift through the negative and come out with only the positive.Even a lesson learned counts as positive.Thank you! I really need all the in-site & helpful advice right now.Wisdom gathering is so very important in life.I live from with in & found inner peace at a very early age!
I married at 16 & widowed at 21. I did remarrie. I have 3 wonderful children who are very loving husbands, wife and are great parents.2 sons 36&32 and my daughter is 27. And God blessed them and I. I have 5 grandbabies.3 girls & 2 boys ages from 3 to 7. As you could exspect I made sure they were very loved & I admit over protected. But better than not right?
Thank you for all your help

barry jennings answers:

I am only 18 but have (until this year) lived in a household that was controlled in every way and have experienced sexual abuse in my short lifetime as well. So yes i still have PTSD moments brought on by random events which do resemble panic attacks. I too sought professional help but found myself going from one professional to the next not really feeling that much better, I found one councilor who was on the same wavelength as me and asked me questions so that I could come up with my own answers and help myself on my path to recovery. I am a lot better than what I used to be, controlling all public outbursts which makes it alot easier in a world like today’s. I must say that I have found people who know the details of my story do look at me differently, like I am a pressure bomb set and ready to go off. I think I had one person tell me once that I must have deserved it but there will always be jerks in the world. Sympathy doesn’t seem to help me, I don’t want people to pity me. I would say good luck but you don’t sound like you need luck, You’ll get there for yourself. I have faith.

Thomas asks…

Why do some people believe that the handicap are nothing more than a burden and should be terminated?

Apologies for this long post, but after I saw one poster’s suggestion that we all should kill people with varying degrees of disability, I was just…stunned!

I have to say something in my defense on this issue and I just want those people to see what I have to go through being handicapped–so they will know that it’s not an easy thing.

I was born a preemie with cerebral palsy; weighed in at 2 pounds 8 ounces.

When I as a teenager, I diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder and ADD/ADHD.

In the past 8 years?

It’s COPD, Vitamin D Deficiency Syndrome, Recurrent Calcium Stone Disease, Factor Five Leiden, an optic nerve degeneration disorder, and sleep apnea–among other things.

My entire life from the get go was nothing but hardships, challenges, and failure.

I didn’t just stand by and let the world roll me over a good one. I eventually stood up for myself, I fought the good fight, and made something of my life–even though I still suffer from failing health. (Not as bad as Dennis Hopper’s though.)

And while I may not be a *major* contributor to our all important capitalist system of free market principles, I still have some value and importance in people’s lives.

Just not in terms of material wealth and money.

But no matter how different we are born, or are saddled with either physical or mental problems, it doesn’t mean that we should just be cast aside or want to see those afflicted killed out of social ignorance–because some people see people like me as a “burden”, or fail to understand just what it is that makes people like myself wholly dependent on medical and government assistance.

I just wish these same types would walk in my shoes for a day and see what I have to go through just to survive.

What’s it is like to have to use inhalers–because you can’t breathe normally–or have to take blood-thinners because you have a malfunctioning clotting factor, or any of the other types of medications which regulates your high blood pressure, asthma, depression, and keeps the nerve sheaths in both eyes from disintegrating prematurely. (Though this will lead to eventual blindness–for now, I am lucky to still have my sight.)

And to top it all off? A half dozen or more doctor appointments to deal with all these issues:

Having to run all over town to get poked, prodded, scanned and blood drawn on time, or wired up like a guinea pig for a sleep study, x-rayed like crazy, BP checked on a monthly, vitals checked to make sure I’m still alive, weight checked to see if I’ve lost any more weight, and twice a year laser lithotripsy procedure for kidney stones–so the doctor in question can stick a stent up inside and give me all those wonderful pain pills afterward–leaving me without worries or fear.

The pain, the suffering, *everything* that I have to go through. It’s because I don’t have many other choices.

And it’s no picnic neither.

But even through all this, I keep going with a sense of humor because it’s easier to look at my problems through a different window and realize how lucky I am to be cared for by so many people, than just be negative about my situation and blame others for things clearly out of my control.

I couldn’t been born normally like my two brothers, but I wasn’t.

And that’s what makes me so special.


barry jennings answers:

Yes my dear Sky that theory is the cornerstone of eugenics

and i am not a follower of that in any way shape or form but some people are and they are mainly libs

EDIT:Keep on fightin, no one here has walked in your shoes
we all have problems and we would be lying if we said we didnt.

No one is perfect

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