Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Teenagers

Daniel asks…

is Attention Deficit Disorder permanent?

I had severe ADHD when I was a teenager, I couldn’t pay attention to anything, and I had all of the symptoms. It worked great for me, I went from being a badly behaved class clown failing all of my classes, to getting A’s and B’s in school, everything was a complete turn around. When I was 16 I was taken off the meds because my doctor believed that I no longer needed them.

Once I was off the medication, I made the mistake of building up some bad habits, hanging out with the wrong crowd, staying out late, playing video games, putting fun stuff before more important things, etc…

I suspected that I might’ve had a slight case of it presently because of my lack of ability to focus on my tasks, being disorganized, being unmotivivated and not having much self control. so I cosulted my doctor, he put me on Concerta. I haven’t really noticed any effects yet.

I personally believe that ADD is a behavioural disorder, lack of disipline, and bad habits rather than an actual condition within the brain.

What I really want to know is, is my theory on this correct? Is ADD just bad habits, I’ve done a lot of research on the condition, and the cause of it is still undetermined, some believe that it’s a chemical imbalance within the brian, I found other theories as well, including my own.

I plan on joining the military, I have a year left before I ship out for the navy, and I want to be under control when I enter that envirenment.

If the med’s do work, and I make good habits, will the symptoms come back? The military doesn’t tolerate ADD, and they will kick you out if they find out you have it.

barry jennings answers:

It is a made up disease. The physical activity of the military will provide the focus you need. If you find that your military job is not active enough, ask for a more physically demanding job. The military will not kick you out for having ADD, they just will not tolerate the behavior or the rationalization that you have “A DISEASE” They also aren’t to keen of the “meth” addiction, either.

Steven asks…

Teenager really in need of a little advice/support or help, (Depression)?

Hi, Again i must state that the world is just too fast moving to give me any time to sit down and truley take the time to talk about how i feel, and i only have 4000 odd characters left!
I am 16 years old and struggling with severe Generalized/Social Anxiety Disorder, Joined with Depression/ Adhd & brief Psychotic episodes. I am now being diagnosed with a Personality Disorder. It Pains me to be saying this all at aged 16. My life is really a living nightmare at the moment. My Psychiatrist has told me there is only so much he can do where he is concerned, and looked blankly in my face, he has treated me for two years, tried me on a cocktail of medications, and frustratingly changed and mixed around with them trying to find positive results as if i was a Lab testing rat. I know that along the lines of starting all this i fell dependant to them, and i have tried going off them and weened of my last scripts over the last few months, and it is a sheer nightmare, i hate my waking moment, i feel unstable, like i really am going to be driven to do something as every single day more and more pain just loads into my mind and head. My life has always been wild, my last few teenage years have been the wildest, following a Typical story of a teenager with real bad esteme issues, that then developed into self hate, and that self hate drove me to change head to toe in personality/style/attitude/voice tones/activities, everything. it was the classic Nobody to “Cool Kid” transformation, that involved a turbulant mixture of Law trouble/School trouble/Drugs and Alcohol/Friends/Family trouble/tattooing/Sexual Abuse/Fighting/getting Bullied … (*sigh*) You get the picture? .. Now nearly 4 years on from when i stared my life changing path.. i am just destroyed. i know all about the Drink/Drugs clouding my mind etc, i also feel extremley bad for writing this now, as if im going to get shouted at for writing it or something.. it probably seems like nothing, and i seem like some nobody, i just basically want some person on this earth just to give me a little nudge of hope or something!!!.. Im getting Cognitive Behaviour Therapy once every 2 weeks, im with a drugs clinic and im on Beta Blockers for anxiety.. (which do zilch!) im scared going to doctors again.. or anyone for advice, its just i just feel like i irritate everyone, and that everyone rolls there eyes when they see me coming asking for help.. My anxiety is so severe at the moment i cant even walk out the door to go to college now.. im so terrified, i ran out of my college the last time sweating and crying, the only times i can go to college are if im either Stoned or on Diazepam or something. i spent a good year on medication without therapy.. so very quickly i grew to relying on the medication.. i ended up doubling doses of diazepam and needing to constantly up my dose, until i was near on 25Mg of it in the first few hours of the morning, i really cannot stem my anxiety alone, whenever i am not on any anxiolytic, i just have this burning ball of -i think Anxiety.. its gut wrenching, like the worlds strongest cramp, and i flush all over. im cold and bitter to be around, i get impulses every time, when im at home to just smack my head against a wall or take a blade to my skin, i really am hanging on by a thread.. im so sorry every1 for writing this, and just bringing every1s moods down and generally probably frustrating people.. but i dont know who to turn to now, My Phsyciatrist “dosent know what to do “, anymore, My parents just cannot bare to handle me anymore, they are worried sick aswell. everything in general is driving me insane. i dont know how much longer i can sit this out, because thats what it just feels like. i cant be on sedatives all day everyday. but i sure as hell know that at least when i am on them, i can get about and do my daily life business, such as go to an education, without shivering with fear as i pass people feeling like a doormat. Sorry & Thanks guys ..

barry jennings answers:

Hey man, I almost know how you feel. Although I’d definitely say that you’ve got it worse than I.
For me I just feel alone in the world. I get sick of people’s crap and worthless opinions and just last night all I wanted to do is punch my hand through a window b/c pain seemed to be the only thing that is truly real.

First I’d like to start by saying that medication is probably not a good thing in this condition. The last thing you need is to be addicted. I just watched Requiem For A Dream, it’s a pretty rough movie all about addiction. And it’s probably the worst thing that could happen to someone, aside from death.

Second, I’d say that writing may help. I hate poetry but when I’m in rage mode I write out what I’m feeling. It sounds kind of cheesy but the blank paper isn’t gonna tell you that you’re wrong, it’s gonna understand you.

Thirdly, I don’t know if you are or are not being honest with everyone, but if you’re not then you definitely should be. Keeping it bottled up like me may cause you to become a bit loopy. Telling everyone exactly how you feel, regardless of the consequence, should help quite a bit. I should probably work on this myself, I’ve always wanted a therapist for this reason.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve found the miracle or marijuana or not, but it helps me. Makes me feel real good. I’d say that you have good reason for medical marijuana and I personally think that it would help you. If you’re unsure about it just do some research, it’s really not unhealthy for you, especially if you don’t smoke it. It’s definitely more healthy than these prescription pills.

And for people like us I think we both find that “God” is non-existent. If you wish to know my reasoning send me an email and I’ll give you hundreds of reasons. Either way it’s your decision.

I guess the biggest thing you need is a revolution of life. You need a big change, for the better of course. You need to find your greatest inner passion and pursue it at all costs.
I don’t know if you like to read, but some of the greatest self-help books are The Power of Now and A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle has helped a crap ton of people, just look them up.

Hope at least some of this helps you in the long run, you just gotta keep on chuggin’ along. Ride out the storm, find the people that are like yourself. I’m also 16 and what I’ve learned is that at this age, real friends are close to non-existent. I’ve got no real friends, plenty of friends though, but I wouldn’t jump into traffic for any of them.

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