Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Teenagers

James asks…

Am I underweight? Is my eating pattern unhealthy?

I am a young teenager, 5’3″ or so, and I currently weigh 89.8 pounds. I’ve recently been put on ADHD medication. The medication makes my hunger go down. So usally when I take my medicine before school, I’m not hungry during lunch. So I eat about 5 grapes and I’m done eating. My mother had started noticing that I had lost some weight. She would ask me everyday if I ate my lunch, and I’d lie and say I did. She’d text me on what the ‘teria was serving when I got home. So I had taped it up in my locker so I would be able to pass without being yelled at for not eating. In a month I had went from 108 pounds, to 100. My grandmother came to vist us for Thanksgiving, and she kept talking about how skinny I was and she seemed quite worried about me.

My mother had tried to take me off my medicine because of my weight loss. She figured that if I was off the medicine I’d gain back some pounds. But I didn’t. I still didn’t eat. I was hungry, but I liked my weight. [read below for the rest]
So I didn’t gain any weight. My mom became very upset about the whole thing. She finally asked me to show her what my stomach looked like. So I did. She kept telling me that I was too thin.

Now, all my friends think I’m anorexic. And honestly, I’m scared they’re right. My mom has backed up about the whole thing. She assumes I’m eating lunch, but I’m not. If I do happen to be Anorexic, then what should I do about it?

But I mostly want to know if what I’m eating too unhealthy for a 13 year old, and if I am underweight.

barry jennings answers:

I myself am underweight. I’m 5’4″ and weighs 90 pounds. My weight does not bother me though because I feel healthy and I’m not getting sicknesses.

But if you’re really worried bout your weight, you might as well try consulting a doctor on what food you must consume within the day. It might help your body boost up a little without having to eat too much.

Helen asks…

Could I legally drink underage in North Carolina…?

if I were to drink, say, Lemon extracts which are usually around 70% alcohol content, carefully measured and mixed with coca-cola (it’s about $2 an ounce, contain ethyl alcohol contrary to popular belief, have no other toxins, and can legally be bought at any age)? I’m 17, and, in the state of North Carolina, only possession of the alcoholic beverages is illegal, not the consumption. Of which, lemon extracts, vanilla extracts, etc are not legally alcoholic beverages, which is the reason anybody can purchase them and, if a cop was searching a minors car and found some vanilla extract in with the groceries, could not charge them for possession.

And I get it, “don’t drink, you’re too young”. Back when the drinking age was 18 the majority of 18 year old’s did not get into trouble with it (ironically, the irresponsibility of a minority of their generation has lead them to now step up enforcement for laws that their generation caused and was not fond of). Germany sets there’s at 16 (15 in some parts I believe?), and they aren’t breeding alcoholics like crazy nor are more of their kids brain-dead/retarded. Really, the adverse effects are negligible if used responsibly (of which you seemingly magically become at the age of 21, and you cannot argue in court that having a very high mental age [IQ] justifies your use [because that would be unfair to all the idiots with IQs in the lower 70s to lower 90s range who are far more likely to engage in dangerous drinking even into adulthood and are largely the cause of underage drinking that results in arrest]).

Why do I even feel like drinking?
I’m 17, Atheist, celibate (I’m actually pretty good looking, clean, and well-dressed but I just don’t find any pleasure in sex and find the company of others irritating in most circumstances), make straight A’s with ease in mostly AP courses, am already legally using amphetamines as Adderall for ADHD (diagnosed as a kid, and yes, I do, like over 90% of teenagers with a script for it, abuse it a bit, and I am completely aware of all of it’s adverse effects and addictiveness but I balance it with proper nutrition, staying off it 2 days a week and taking half the prescribed dose one day a week [only going over 1-2 times a week], some weeks during long school breaks such as summer break I will stay off weeks at a time, also I always take them orally and never share), and I see life’s only purpose as minimizing potential sadness while maximizing potential happiness, of which, substances can, if used in moderation as I have been very meticulous in doing in the past, can increase potential happiness (no, not getting drunk every day of the week; doing so moderately so that any harmful effects are minimized).

A bit more on-topic, would this be legal so long as I was not legally intoxicated in public or behind the wheel of a car? If it’s not I’m going to snag a cannabis prescription next year when it will likely be legalized for medical use (we’ve got lots of Veteran campaigns that are pressing hard for medical legalization, and a medical-marijuana bill is one of the first bills planned for discussion and voting next year [and a fair amount of Democrats]) for OCC hidden by ADHD but brought out by every medication that treats ADHD, for immense back pain, ADHD itself, or to compensate for the Adderall crashes that occur with even the prescribed amount. Legal cannabis and amphetamines for me, and I’m not even 21.
Reminder: CONSUMPTION IS NOT ILLEGAL IN NORTH CAROLINA. But possession is (“in your bloodstream” does not count as possession), and possession and consumption are usually so closely related that it doesn’t make a difference, as an illicit beverage would have had to have been consumed. But extracts are not an illicit beverage.

And I have stated that I am aware of the chemistry in Lemon extract. It is an ethyl-alcohol, not a wood-alcohol like many vanilla extracts. And it does not contain any toxins, unlike many vanilla extracts. Deaths due to it were from over-use (and I don’t mean like “oops I drank the whole bottle” over-use, I mean like “oops I just drank like 13 ounces (6.5 bottles) of 80% alcohol content liquid”)

barry jennings answers:

You could be charged with substance abuse for drinking extracts, and of course, underage consumption of alcohol. It doesn’t have to be labeled as an adult beverage to be considered illegal. Your chances of getting away with it are much greater if you stay home, but don’t confuse that with being legal. It just means you’d be keeping it private.

A parallel would be paint huffing. Like extracts, paint is a legal product that has the potential for abuse, and in fact is abused by some. Huffers can’t be charged with possession of paint, but they can be charged with substance abuse, public intoxication, etc.

You really don’t know what effects extracts could have on your health. I hope you’ll research it before consuming.

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