Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Kids

Mary asks…

Should kids be medicated for ADHD?

I have read so many negative things about medications for ADHD and am really upset that my step-son is on this medication. He was only on it for school but now he is on a higher dose and takes it everyday. He doesn’t eat after he takes it until dinner time and even then he sometimes wont eat. His mother refuses to try any other options and rushed into putting him on the medication. My husband is also upset about it but we know there is nothing we can do about it. Does anyone have a child diagnosed with ADHD or know a lot about it and other options besides the meds?
Really! There’s nothing I can do about it?? Pretty sure I didn’t ASK what can I do about changing his meds. I simply asked if anyone knew other methods out there so we could bring up to his mother and try to convince her she jumped into this too soon without trying other options first.

barry jennings answers:

He absolutely does not need any of the meds for ADHD!! Most of the medications for ADHD are amphetamines! Teachers have been trying to convince me to get my son tested for ADHD since he started kindergarten. (he’s 13). My ex-husband was in rehab and I had access to books about every type of drug there is. Sometime methamphetamines are even prescribed to kids with ADHD! Insane! I brought home a questionaire that doctors use to test kids for ADHD and if you want my opinion, just about every kid on the planet could be ADHD. This “illness” is still pretty new but what did parents do before they “discovered” it? They dealt with their kids like parents should….they disciplined their kids! I think parents are too quick to rush kids to the doctor for every little sniffle and get them a pill. Teachers told me my son was too active. Since when is being active a problem? Maybe this is why we have so many people overweight in this country or atleast part of it. Your step-son does not need to be medicated. You can come up with ways to deal with issues at school or whereever that are best suited for him and the school. Ask his teachers if he can have a stress ball at his desk, or something similar. Something to keep his hands busy that wont disturb class. Silly putty is another one. Also, if the mother won’t budge on the medication thing, do your homework. Get on internet, find out info on every drug prescribed for ADHD. What’s it made of, Common name and scientific name, every thing you possibly can. Share this info with your husband, he is the father and should be able to talk to his son’s doctor about other medications that might be better for him. Good Luck.

Thomas asks…

Natural and Safe Help for Adhd in Kids?

My son was diagnosed with Adhd 2 weeks ago.He is 4 yrs old and the doctor prescribed Vyvanse 30mg, but I have yet to give the medicine to him. I dont want to give it to him after reading the scary stuff online about the medication. It is a schedule 2 controlled drug/ stimulant. No special testing was done on my child, they based the diagnosis soley on the forms that they handed us and his teachers to fill out about his behavior. I am looking for safe alternatives for treating his adhd. He has trouble sleeping and aggressive and impulsive behaviors. He acts as if he has drank a pot of coffee every morning.

barry jennings answers:

Oh boy. My brother and sister both have it. They were diagnosed when they were young also. Both are now 18. They acted the same exact way. It was so frustrating. When my brother was young he took ritalin. They thought it had addictive qualities so they change it on him. He was on adderall, concerta, and is now on prozac. The concerta seamed to work the best. It really does help a lot. Right now niether of them are on it and have some serious problems. I don’t know why he isn’t on it. Honestly though the meds helps so much. My parents hated giving it to them also but they were too much to handle without it. Hopefully your son might be different or you can find an alternative. My parents still really struggle with them. Good luck. Hope this helps

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