Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Kids

Joseph asks…

Need help with a position argument title?

My position is that treating kids with medication for adhd can be beneficial. Any ideas on a catch and engaging title?

barry jennings answers:

Can Your Kid Sit Still Long Enough to Read This Title?

Mark asks…

ADHD and ADD? since when do you need medication to be a normal little kid?

okay, to start off, i DO believe that there are children who really have ADHD and ADD…but i’ve been noticing higher and higher numbers of kids being diagnosed ADHD and ADD who are perfectly normal little kids…little kids run around and make lots of noise…they jump on things, make messes, shout, cry, play, and all sorts of things…they don’t like to do things like school work, and chores…that’s just part of being a freaking kid…seriously, it seems like parents nowadays are just like “hey, i can’t spank them b/c i’m afraid of child services, and time out doesn’t work, so i’ll just pump em full of meds and all will be fine”…but it just makes more kids grow up thinking that life isn’t life without a pill for this and a pill for that…most of the little kids i see on these medications are perfectly normal kids…they misbehave…it’s just a kid thing…i dunno…i’m afraid to have kids because now schools are forcing parents to put their kids on the meds as well…
so, i’m asking, in short:

are behavior meds just a part of parenting in today’s society? it seems like the pills are taking the place of real parenting…

barry jennings answers:

The easiest answer is that parents are generally looking for the easy way out. Does ADD and ADHD exist in children? Yes. Do doctors over-prescribe and misdiagnose children as having said “disease”? Often. As you say, children are balls of energy, always testing the limits of what is or is not acceptable. Studies have shown that children exposed to Television at an early age, such as under the age of 2, are much more likely to develop ADD/ADHD. Parents should just be mindful to give their children healthy sugars, be mindful to discipline when necessary, and don’t overexpose your children to television at an early age. If you truly feel your child(ren) are displaying symptoms of ADD/ADHD, then consult a physician, although alternative methods for dealing with a positive finding should be considered before doping up your child.

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