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Betty asks…

A Child Taking ADHD Medications & Fathers Rights?

New York State Family Court
Joint custody (50/50 decisions)
Primary care with Mom.

(Mom has already been found guilty of withholding my son’s medical insurance card, birth certificate, and involving myself with his medical appointments/medications)

To this day I have had to directly go to each new doctor and now his school to verify that I am my son’s father and I have the right to be involved by showing court orders. Not one of these places were ever aware that I was even alive. I have never been contacted in regards to any doctors visits or medication that my son is prescribed.

As soon as my son turned three his mother took him to a “specialist” in adolescent medicine but not a certified child psychologist for a sleeping medication called Clonidine (lowest dosage available). She began breaking him of his napping and wondered why he was waking up at two or three a.m. after being put to bed between six and seven at night.

So instead of giving him time to adjust to the new sleep schedule she decided to get the clonidine for him. Now I find out that she is giving him another drug in the mornings (vivan, not sure of dosage) to treat him for ADHD. She describes a child that is not attentive, hyperactive and impulsive yet when I have my son he is nothing as she describes. I was never informed by her that he was taking a new medication, it was by a letter sent home from his school and their progress report that I was aware that my son was taking this ADHD drug vivan.

Now I am not saying my son is a saint by any means but I can tell you I am a person with very little patience and I don’t consider his actions anything out of the ordinary considering his age and mental abilities ( he is a very very smart child). Reading many of the syptoms of a child with ADHD I do not feel my son has ADHD and am against him being drugged with uppers (vivan) and downers (clonidine) without a professional proper diagnosis. But I don’t officially know my rights and what I can do about it. I’d like his mother to have an evaluation to her abilities to care for my son considering she has turned to drugging our son instead of trying to communicate with me to see what I am doing different to get him to act “normal.” (We have little to no communication with that being her decision and there was never anything abnormal about our relationship). We are two people that never got along and all we did was argue at worst.

I have been told that any child considered having ADHD or mental illness’s that they should be seen by a child psychologist to properly diagnosis exactly what condition, if any, they have. I was also told by his family doctor that a lot children that are taking this sort of medication could be better off having parents that are aware, able and available to work with a “hyper” child to better control impulses.

In my opinion his “condition” is due to neglect and him seeking attention and proper discipline. I was wondering if there is any factual information concerning this situation. I’ve come across a few things via google but I know how dedicated and intelligent the members of this community are and any and all helpful information would be greatly appreciated. Fathers have little to no rights as it is and I am learning that rumor to be true myself.

I have a scheduled trial in a few months and I want what is best for my son and I want to be prepared to ask her the right questions.
All I can say is wow, thready is considered a top contributor. Ignorance is bliss. Yeah, I’m narcissistic because I don’t want my child drugged out of being a child. Apparently you getting treatment since being 9 hasn’t curbed your ability to not use your mental capacities.
I use Quotes because its an opinion, not fact. No qualified persons have determined that he has ADHD, only by what his mother tells a family doctor.
I love the animosity you show in your words, apparently you like most people didn’t have a father that cared. And that’s why your a “””Top contributor””” What else would you do with your ultimately lifeless void?
I asked for professional opinions, not someone ranting about their daddy issues. If my son has ADHD I am not against him being treated for it, But jesus christ, you better be Qualified to say he does You hate people like me? Someone that cares about what is right or wrong for their child. You really are more mentally incapacitated then your kno

barry jennings answers:

You are a bad father/ whoever you are.

Why dont you read a FUCKING book!!!

Using quotes in the word condition like its all made up or something. Then using the words discipline to talk about treatment.

People like you are unfit to be in charge of a child’s mental disorder.

And you piss me off so bad

you sound narcissistic too. Why dont you google narcissistic personality disorder and then go get treatment for that so your son wont hate you or pull a “menendez” on you

Mary asks…

For parents with ADD/ADHD children ONLY?

If you do not have a child with ADD or ADHD or are not a doctor, professional, specialist, etc. in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, please refrain from adding your opinion or beliefs to this post. I say opinion because unless you have agonized and struggled with the raising of a child that has this, you have no idea what we parents go through when having to make the decision to put our children on medication just to be able to help them focus long enough to teach them to tie their shoes or write their names.
My question is this, what is the stupidest thing a person has said to you when they find out your child has ADD/ADHD?
At the pool last summer I shared with a group of women that my youngest was ADHD. I later over heard one comment that only lazy mothers put thier children on medication as to not have to discipline them or deal with them. If this was the case I would have both my children on meds and not be a nanny to my pediatrician who sought me out for the job.

barry jennings answers:

You are not alone, though sometimes it feels that way. My son will be 7 in a couple of months and has been on medication since he was 4 and started pre-school. My friends and family have all made comments about him being on the meds, but even with him on medication he is a handful. Ignore the people that make ignorant comments and do what is best for your child. If these people had to live your life for one day, they would be the ones on meds.

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