Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Children

Thomas asks…

For those of you that have ADHD children?

My 10 yr. old son is being treated for ADHD. He is on a medication called Methylphenidate (generic for ritalin). His permanent teeth are very discolored and he brushes regularly. Is this caused from the meds? I am also hearing that prolong use of this drug can cause other things as well. Can you give me any kind of feedback on this?

barry jennings answers:

My son was on this for several years and it is something we never encountered. We also had no long term side effect from it.

It could just be your water or a vitamin deficiancey or something he is eating. You might change the brand of toothpaste or talk to your dr and dentist about your concerns. We have water that stains my husband and one sons teeth so we have to use a different toothpaste.

The use of any medication for the long term can have side effects. There are many different ADHD drugs on the market now that have a good track record so if you are worried talk to your dr and letthem know you are concerned and why.

The thing you have to balance out is does the things the med helps right now balance what side effects you might see later on. Having been in a similar situation I know it is hard to make these calls but for us at least it has been worth some of the risk to give our son a more normal life

Good luck to you both

Steven asks…

What are the Pros for treating children with Psychological Drugs/Medications?

I’m looking for only Pros not cons. What are the benefits for treating children with problems such as ADHD, Behavior Problems, and Depression with Psychological Drugs/Medications? Please cite your sources. 🙂

barry jennings answers:

I will cite myself

normal social interactions with other kids

better academic achievement

a chance at a normal life

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