Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Adults

George asks…

What type of medication is used for Anxiousness, Adult Adhd and fast worrying thoughts?

What type of medication is used for Anxiousness, Adult Adhd and fast worrying thoughts?

Just curius if this celexa is the right stuff for me

My propranolol helps a little bit since im on that also for my fast heart

Just need to relax more often and keep my mind clear

barry jennings answers:

Hello Jay ……

This is a question you and your doctor must tackle and it will be a trial and error
procedure over a period of time.

You can also help yourself to some extent by developing some interests and activities
to break your anxiety-effects cycle. You need to work on re-programming your
behavior and finding behaviors to control these problems.

No medication will be perfect or be immediately helpful for all of these things.

Jay , I wish you the best.

Celexa is a good place to start.

Michael asks…

Question about ADHD medications, seeking personal opinions?

I’m almost 20 years old and I’ve got ADHD. I was diagnosed at about 10 years old. In the past 10 years, doctors have switched me from medicine to medicine but I’ve been taking Adderall for almost 9 years or so. It’s been working for the most part for a long time, but lately I’ve noticed it doesn’t seem to be working as well anymore and the side effects are becoming more and more pronounced and bothersome. The headaches are terrible, I’ve began noticing tics that I’ve had since beginning the medicine annoy me more. The doctors tell me they’re just part of taking the medicine, so I’ve ignored them but they’re just very frustrating.

I’m a nurse so I know all the types of medicines there are and what they do, etc. I’m just looking for opinions from those that also struggle with this disorder or perhaps that knows someone that does. Have you taken Adderrall before? If so, have you switched to another medicine that seemed to work well with less side effects? Any recommendations regarding control of adult ADHD would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for basically writing a book! lol
Thanks in advance.

barry jennings answers:

I went with ADHD all my life and didn’t know I actually had it until I suspected it at the age of 28 after finishing college and getting married. I just thought my whole life that I was a slower learner with a quick temper growing up. Luckily I missed all the side affects of the adhd medicine of the past. Have you heard of Vyvanse? This is the newest drug and it’s been tested for Adult ADHD. I haven’t taken previous ADHD drugs but I can tell you Vyvanse is perfect for me. It enables me to be more productive and focus at the workplace. I’m a software engineer and many times I’d catch myself staring at the screen being zoned out, but now that rarely happens. It last 12 hours so I take once a day when I wake up and it wears off by the time I goto bed.

My wife says I’m am more patient and caring and less “snappy”, I actually listen to her questions when she says them, her questions used to not register with my mind and I would just “huh huh” as I was doing something else. I was over-weight but with exercise and the drug it’s helped me be back in normal range. It’s okay to write a book lol it’s a trait that ADHD brings us 😉

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