Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Adults

Joseph asks…

Adult ADHD / ADHD medication please help?

Hi I was recently prescribed Vyvanse by my family doctor but the thing is she never tested me for ADHD. I get good grades at school but to get A’s I have to dedicate a lot of my time to my work. Due to my excessive day dreaming and distractions I would need to dedicate 7-10 hours in the library just to finish school work. Currently, Vyvanse has helped me tremedously in my school work, I pretty much finish my work within half the time and have more time for myself. But I don’t take the medication everyday as instructed, I just don’t want to get use to it and only take it whenever I need to study a lot.

Q: I recently heard that not taking Vyvanse everyday could really mess up your body chemistry. Is this true? I am really scared because I have been on Vyvanse for 3 months now and have been on it on and off.

Q: My doctor is not a psychiatrist could she have misdiagnosed me? I don’t want to confront her because I think this drug works wonders for me but at the same time I don’t want to make an excuse saying I have ADHD just to get a competitive edge.

I really need advice please help should I just give up on this medication. I have been seeing my doctor every month just to get more prescriptions and I have pills still left over so I have a lot to last me all the way till summer starts (I plan to stop taking the drug once summer vacation starts).

barry jennings answers:

I am on this medication and am not a huge fan (ritalin worked better), but I do know for a fact that I do have ADD and this drug makes me very tired. Does it do this to you? Because if it gives you energy then chances are that you may not have it. If you have ADD then you will usually get the opposite effect of things, like caffeine, alcohol, etc. Since your doctor is not a psychiatrist she really shouldn’t be diagnosing you with any psychiatric conditions, at all! If possible, get a referral to a psychiatrist for a second opinion.

Ruth asks…

what is the best medication combination for adult adhd and general anxiety/ depression?

barry jennings answers:

For ADD, Adderal may be a good option because it available in MANY different strengths, more than the other medications. For example you can start with 5 mg of Adderal and if that is not enough move up to 7 mg. It is very easy to personal the dosage.The other medications do not offer as much diversity and you may be starting at a higher dose than you actually need.This may increase your anxiety.
Ultimately only your personal M.D. Will decide what medication is best for you. I am not to familiar with the depression/anxiety meds,but this site addresses exactly that:

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