Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Adults

Charles asks…

How do you start a charity?

I am on medication for Adult ADHD and Depression and I’ve been pondering on the idea of starting a charity for people with Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilties, Emotional and Mental Handicaps and difficulties like mine. I just don’t know how to go about doing it or where to go to or who to see about it. Does anybody have any suggestions?

barry jennings answers:

Hmmm thats a difficult one. See i would suggest finding a few good friends who would be able to help you with this one you get started first of all. You just gotta take a ton of little baby steps until you reach your goal idk haha

Sharon asks…

Adult ADD/ADHD medication that is easy on your liver?

Hello, my mother was recently diagnosed with Adult ADD. She was put on Effexor about a year ago but taken off due to her liver (enzymes?) showing very elevated levels.

I am looking to see which (if any) ADD medications are out there that are the easiest on the liver.

Her liver counts are good now that she stopped taking Effexor and she has never had this problem with other medications (she takes Advair daily for her asthma and has taken other antidepressants for the past 15 years with no problems).

I’m nervous about just going with whatever her doctor decides next because the liver thing almost got missed as they were not monitoring her bloodwork at all.

I am hoping there is something out there for her to help with the ADD that won’t throw her liver out of whack again.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
Sorry for the confusion – the Effexor was prescribed for depression not ADD. She is off all antidepressants now and doing well. I wanted to mention it by name because she has taken other antidepressants in the past ( Prozac and Zoloft) and had no liver issues.

Just recently her doctor diagnosed her with ADD. I am concerned because I don’t know if her liver was reacting to the Effexor or just to medications in general.

Thanks again!

barry jennings answers:

Effexor is not used for ADD. It’s an anti-depressant and can also be used for anxiety. Usually doctors prescribe amphetamines, like Ritalin, for ADD. Also, Effexor is not a drug that is monitored closely with bloodwork. Either your mom doesn’t have ADD, or she needs to find a new doctor. A second opinion never hurts.

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