Your Questions About Adhd Medications For Adults

George asks…

When a person diagnosed with Adult ADHD takes medication for it…?

do they just appear normal? Like does it stop the fidgeting and hyperactivity completely? strike up the concentration and lower the distraction down to “normal” level? Stop speaking too much and stop being so random? Not appear to have any ADHD symptoms whatsoever?

barry jennings answers:

It depends on a lot of factors.

1. The severity of the ADHD. If the adult has mild ADHD then in most cases yes it will appear that they are normal. For those with severe ADHD usually no. Even on medication they will still have a lot of problems but they will be better than when not on meds at all.

2. The type of medication and the dosage. Some adults have quite a low dose the idea just being to take the adge off their ADHD. They will still appear very ADHD but again it wont be so severe. While others take a heavier dose and it will have more effect.

3. The menstrual cycle. If the ADHD adult is a woman then their cycle will affect the effectiveness of the medication. During PMS ADHD meds dont work very well for ADHD women and their conditions are still very severe. It also flares up a little during ovulation but not as badly.

4. The stage of the meds they are at. If they have taken their meds in the last hour or two it is more effective and they can appear quite normal. If it has been several hours the meds wont have worn off but they wont be as effective and the ADHD will be more obvious.

5. The day. ADHD adults vary a lot from day to day. Some days on meds they may appear normal other days they wont.

Nancy asks…

A question for adults with ADHD (about medication)?

I’ve been diagnosed with inattentive ADHD and got a prescription for Concerta. I am wondering how it is compared to Adderall. I have taken Adderall in the past and was extremely satisfied with the results. I am hoping Concerta is just as good. To people that have tried Concerta or both – can you please tell me how it is, and what the difference is, if any?

barry jennings answers:

If you did so well on Adderall I would ask the doctor to put you back on it. Concerta is a stimulant medication same as adderall. It is not the same active ingredients as adderall.

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