Your Questions About Adhd Medications And Weight Loss

Maria asks…

Can ADHD medication cause weight loss?

I am fifteen, and I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I’m going to talk to a psychiatrist soon about which ADHD medication I should get on. I know that ADHD medication does cause weight loss, but I would like to know if I have ADHD and I if I take the medication, would I still loose weight? I’m currently overweight, and it would be nice if I could loose some weight as well as focus on my school work. If it would still cause me to lose weight, is there s specific medication I can suggest to my psychiatrist for weight loss, or does it truly depend on the person?

barry jennings answers:

Adderal make you lose weight reguardless of having add or not. Its like crack

Lizzie asks…

Natural Supplement to counter effects of ADHD medications?

I wanted to ask if anyone is having issues with their ADHD medications. Specifically with appetite suppression and weight loss. I have been experiencing the same effects and have been told that Marijuana and Alcohol were my only options. I have since began development of a natural supplement that would increase the appetite, boost energy, and counter cotton mouth. Side effects would be improved digestion and absorption of nutrients. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in this solution and whether I should market it to ADHD medications users?

barry jennings answers:

Hi im 19 now but as a child i was diagnosed with ADHD and i experienced the same issue with my medication i had a low appetite that’s totally normal but if its causing a problem with weight loss try talking to your doctor who can advise you on the best course of action

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