Your Questions About Adhd Medications

Ruth asks…

Are there any ADHD medications that dont cause restlessness/insomnia?

I realize that ADHD medications are stimulants, but are there any other options in medications that deal with ADHD that don’t cause insomnia?

barry jennings answers:

I know Ritalin is not the answer for AD HD, it is just a few more years from being taken off the market, however my 12 year old son takes Concerta early in the morning after his first meal and is good until about 6-7 p.m. At night, we tried Mountain Dew in the morning first(stimulant), then we tried to change his eating when and what before we went to the extreme measure of medicating him, I was always against it until I realized he had no friends, his behavior was repellent to others to the point of isolation, then I realized he needed medical intervention, we tried another brand like Ritalin and it didn’t do well he lost his appetite he had insomnia and he had erratic ups and downs, this did not make a case for medicating him, so my wife and the doctor changed him over to Concerta and it seemed to mellow him out as well as make him attentive, there have been adjustments in his dosage as his moods and/or lack of moods have exhibited themselves, so as a parent we have to be more attentive to his behavior, to make sure the doctor has an accurate understanding of his status at his check-ups/bloodwork checks, because he doesn’t always come clean with the doctor and his problems sometimes. Hope this encourages your situation as well as makes you wary as a parent as far as keeping your child’s dosage right, the teacher/doctor don’t always have accurate information and need to be kept in check in regards to YOUR child, Mom and Dad really do know best in regards to their own. Lots of love out to you, hope this blesses you and yours.

Richard asks…

since green tea is a natural body cleanser will it affect adhd medications?

my son takes concerta for adhd but loves to drink green tea. will the tea cleanse his system of the medication?

barry jennings answers:

No, green tea will not affect his medication.
Green tea is a nice drink and beneficial, but the body itself os self cleansing – tea of any colour or no tea.
On the link below is a list of possible, note possible, interactions.

Green tea is not among drug interactions listed for concerta (methylphenidate extended-release tablets).
Look for interactions in the pack, if green tea was contraindicated it would clearly say so.

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