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Jenny asks…

Can anyone give me a list of generic ADHD medications?

My insurance for my son which I pay out of pocket has gotten to expensive for me to afford and I am now eligibile for insurance throught my job which is cheaper but of course doesn’t cover any preexisting conditions for a year. So I think we are going to have to switch meds, which his current presciption is not working out. He is on the Daytrana patch which sometimes breaks him out. Anyone familiar with any generics besides ritilan, so I can do some research.

barry jennings answers:

“Methylphenidate” is the generic name for the brand name medications Ritalin (Novartis pharmaceutical company), Concerta (Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and also for the Daytrana patch (Noven Pharmaceuticals).

Talk with your doctor about your situation, about your son’s reaction to the patch, and need to switch to a less expensive generic med. Most physicians will gladly write prescriptions to allow choice between the brand name and generic form, if it is available. Many have generic forms, with exception of the newest meds (Strattera is an example).

Your doctor may want to put him on another form of methylphenidate. He or she may say that its time to try another generic entirely. There are other types of generic medications to treat ADHD other than methylphenidate, such as dexroamphetamine. Caution about chart listed by another poster: Just because a generic name is listed on the chart does not mean it is legally available yet. Some on that chart are not available.

After getting the new prescription, just tell the pharmacist that you want the generic when you go to fill the prescription.

Betty asks…

My son has ADHD,he’s tried 3 diferent medications due to stomach pains,he’s on Focalin now and still tumy pain?

Please help me find something that he can take together w/ the adhd medication to avoid his stomach pain!!!


barry jennings answers:

Well i had been diagnosed with adhd i slowly weened myself off of medication i personally know that pain its not a sick pain it was more like a knot in My stomach kind of pain, i don’t know what kind of pain your son is in but when that happened to me i actually i laid on my stomach with a pillow underneath my stomach to elevate it and at the same time i ate real warm and soft foods like a simple raman noodles since they were soaked and soft but i made sure they were pretty hot to that warmth help to ease this knotting pain for me, and that did not work i ate bread like three slices and within ten minutes i was always better. I hope this helps like i said this was a personal experience of mine if this does not help i am sorry i know how he feels, i hope it works for you and your precious son.

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