Your Questions About Adhd In Children

Betty asks…

Has anyone tried ATTEND or BeCalm’d for ADHD in children?

My 6 year old son has been diagnosed as ADHD for 2 years. I have chosen not to use prescription meds to treat. Now that he is in first grade he is having a lot of difficulty. I am looking into alternative treatments and was wondering if anyone has tried ATTEND or BeCalm’d.

barry jennings answers:

Good for you for not drugging your son. My husband has it and my two year old is pretty hyper so who knows—but no i wouldnt put him on a prescription either, i think it is more behavioral discipline and strategies that work best for him that need to be found…not something to alter who he is. I havent heard of becalm’d so i cant offer an opinion.

Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Normal School for ADHD Children?

Can anyone indicate the names of normal schools who accept ADHD children in UKG(Upper Kinder Garden) in South Mumbai, Tardeo, Nana Chowk, Mumbai Central etc.,

barry jennings answers:

It is the law that all schools in the US are to accept any child, no matter the special need, color, race, or gender. Now if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD I suggest that you find a school you like and then contact their Special Education department and get some testing. Students with ADHD can receive help through the special education department because ADHD can hamper academic learning. What can the Special Education department help your child with you ask, because my child is not mentally retard. They can set up a lot of things that can help your child. Basically they come up with a set of guidelines that help the teacher know how to handle and help your child. This sets up appropriate discipline for the student, extra help if the student needs breaks between subjects, or needs to stand up to be able to read a book ect. Basically they listen to you the parent and what works with your child and they find a way to implement this into a guideline for your student’s teacher to know. You would be surprised how many parents do not tell their students teacher the student has ADHD and is on medication. Letting the teacher know and letting the teacher has the guideline will help the teacher relate better to the student, understand the student has a medical condition ect.

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