Your Questions About Adhd In Adults

Lisa asks…

Whats the most effective drug for male adults with adhd 25 years and up?

Please vote which is your most effective drug for adhd to help me choose the right one.
They wanted me to try vyvance but my insurance didnt cover it so now they are telling me to go on concerta which i have in the past and when i did try it for two days i felt like i was sooo extremely depressed please help thanks.

barry jennings answers:

Being over 25 you should ask for a non-stimulant medication like Strattera and see if that is effective before moving to the stimulants. Concerta worked well for my brother, Adderall worked well for me but that was when we were still in school, neither of us still take them. I would want to try Strattera first and not have those stimulant side-effects if I had to go on them again. If it didn’t work I’d go with concerta or adderall.

Susan asks…

How is ADHD diagnosed in adults?

How are ADHD symptoms different in adults than in children? Are the treatments (medication, etc.) the same, or is the condition treated differently in adults?
I am not asking about this because I think I might have ADHD myself; far from it, in fact.

barry jennings answers:

“The profile of an adult with ADHD can vary from that of a child. Most experts agree that pure hyperactive behavior usually diminishes with maturity. Adults usually have problems with time management, self-control, planning for the future, and being able to persist toward goals.

For ADHD diagnosis, a thorough physical exam is performed first to rule out other problems. Then, clinicians question patients using standardized lists of ADHD symptoms to come up with a score on severity and persistence. For now experts agree that there’s no such thing as adult-onset ADHD. Therefore, a childhood history of ADHD symptoms is essential for diagnosis of adult ADHD.”
-Harvard Health Publications

Treatment generally includes counseling and medication.
Ask your doctor about a referral to someone who specializes in diagnosing/treating adult ADHD.

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