Your Questions About Adhd In Adults

Robert asks…

Is it common for an ADHD adult like myself to have trouble getting simple tasks done like the following?

written work for my job in a timely manner, laundry, keeping my car clean, taking out the trash, showering daily, getting places on time, exercising, eating the right foods,k and getting simple want to do tasks like Christmas cards done by a certain date.

barry jennings answers:

I had some version of this as a kid in the 1950,s and 60,s. Yes; i think it applies. I,ve worked around my issue for the most part. Going to school was the biggest challenge. I,m 65, and still tend to lose focus on long term projects.

Paul asks…

are there any docters in southeastern Ontario who know if Ritalin is still prescribed to adults with ADHD?

barry jennings answers:

I’m not a doctor and I’m not in Ontario, but given that I was prescribed Ritalin a few months ago, I would have to say that yes, it is still prescribed to adults with ADHD.

Incidentally, Ritalin is occasionally used as an antidepressant in elderly patients who can’t take other antidepressants for whatever reason.

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