Your Questions About Adhd In Adults

Ruth asks…

What is your life experience like having adhd? adults/teens/parents of an adhd child/pensioners all answer plz?

I’m 16 yrs old male,if I didn’t have adhd I wouldn’t go around in circles and worry so much, while accomplishing nothing. People wouldn’t have to repeat stuff to me because I never listened in the first place, instead id be imagining I’m outside by myself listenng to the birds sing.I wouldn’t be so fidgety and talkative with some anxiety. I know life is hard for us people with adhd, I am also aware there is many conditions far worse than ours. It is hard for a person with adhd to basic and regular things on a daily basis. If I didn’t have adhd I would have friends instead of being alone. If I didn’t have adhd I wouldn’t have. To take meds. Its sad because people like you and me with adhd are seen as dumb. But there wrong. A person without adhd can only think about one thing then go on to do another. People with adhd think like a dictionary, we have too many thoughts all in 1 place yet we struggle at school. If we didn’t have adhd we wouldn’t be lonely and fit in society. I hope I have explained these few things that have messed up my life, my career, and relationship with my mum. Theres is a lot more. One day us people with adhd can set up a group meeting, and help children, adults etc. Whwt is your experience?

barry jennings answers:

Hiyaa! I have ADHD im in year 11, and i’ve only just been diagnosed with ADHD like a month ago, and due to this i have been kicked out of 3 schools, seen doctors, shrinks, and finaly i saw a team called CHAMS at a tac meeting ( Team around the child ) i’ve failed most of my GCSE’s due to this, and people just thaught i wasn’t trying, but i was, so when i was 5 i was diagnosed with disphraxia, and mild dyslexia ( cant spell them ahah) but because ADHD is rare in girls, and not as noticeable they diddnt think to look for it, people like to say they have it, because there impulsive or get wound up easily, or they cant concentrate, and that anoys me, because it was really hard, i saw all theese waste of time people, when really, i should have been diagnosed years ago, because now thats my career out the window, but yeah there are conditions worse than ours, but people just see us as being disruptive or thick or whatever nasty names i’ve been called in the past, i have 3 types of it, i cant concentrate, to people have to repeat things 5,6 times over, and i cannot stay still for over 5 seconds, im always some were else, and im impulsive and i cannot control my anger, witch made life really hard, because the amount of laptops i’ve broke because i couldn’t connect to the internet is amazing, i messed up so many relationships with my relationships, sometimes when i don’t take my pills cause im going to be drinking that night, i get really pissy with who ever im with, so like NYE i got so pissy with Mya, and the police because i was drunk and lairing off to people, all because of this stupid thing, people dont think its a big deal, but it f*cks up your life so much. But right not im on Ritalin and some other drink thing, tell you what, my life, and my relationship with mya, and whoever else would be so much easier, cause actually im a nice person, people just cant see through this this. – sorry for the rant, needed somewhere to let it out. Hope all is well with you soon, ox

Carol asks…

Can a GP in queensland, AUSTRALIA give ADHD medication to adults?

My GP says he can’t give me that type of medication.

barry jennings answers:

That is definitely not true. I am an adult and I live in Queensland, Australia. And my doctor prescribes me ADHD medication. There are some they can’t prescribe without a special authority. But many that they can.

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