Your Questions About Adhd Drugs

Sandy asks…

What are the chemicals in drugs for ADHD, and how does it effect the brain?

I’m doing a 10 page essay and need some answers but everwhere i look i just can’t find the information I’m looking for. Please help me out.

barry jennings answers:

You need to look at a Physicians Desk Reference Book for the answer as to the chemicals in the drugs.

I would ask my dr. If I could see the book or have them make a copy of the meds you need to know about.

I’m fortunate. We have a copy in our health department. It’s a hard read though.

Nancy asks…

Would consuming ADD / ADHD drugs while healthy improve thinking/studying?

Does taking ADD/ADHD drugs allow students to be more alert, focused, attentive and smarter? I mean even if one is perfectly healthy without any medical conditions requiring the use of such drugs?

barry jennings answers:

ADD drugs are just controlled doses of amphetamines. Taking amphetamines is harmful to your health. Studying makes you smarter, not drug use.

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