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Lizzie asks…

Any suggestions on diet supplements to get my 8 y/o to gain weight?

My almost-8 year old daughter is rail thin and I am really worried that she is becoming malnourished. She eats what she is given, but because she is so tiny, she eats small amounts. She is about 55 inches tall and about 48 pounds. The doctor had her on Concerta 18mg for ADHD, but because that has appetite suppressing effects, I have quit giving it to her and have dealt with her spastic behavior (which is not nearly as bad as it used to be). I have tried to give her Ensure, Boost, Pedialyte shakes, Slim Fast shakes, Cliff bars, etc. as an additional snack to add calories to her regular meals, PB&J sandwiches, protein bars with high calories, starchy foods, high protein dinners (meats etc.) but she seems to still be maintaining her low weight. She had the stomach flu last week that my whole city seemed to have all at the same time, so she was vomiting and had loose stool for about 5 days. I have kept her hydrated and monitored by the doctor while she was sick, so I know she is not dehydrated. I am thinking about starting a gummy vitamin daily to boost her vitamin and mineral intake. She is not involved in any sport right now, and has little interest in becoming involved with sports (she’s very girly!) She has a lot of energy, and likes to play like a normal kid, but I am terrified when I see her bones when I give her a bath or hug her. My mother is a pharmacist and has told me it may be a phase her body is going through and to try to add healthy calories to her diet. I was apparently very thin around this age as well and my other daughter (now almost 12 y/o and a healthy weight) was thin at age 8 too. Should I be worried or know it will pass when she reaches puberty in a few years? Any advice would be much appreciated!
Please keep in mind that the “diet” shakes and protein bars are IN ADDITION to her normal meals, not in lieu of regular meals so I can boost her calorie intake.
As additional information, I HAVE spoken to the peditrician about this problem, and his advice is to monitor her and let him know if she is losing weight. He does not seem worried about her at this point. I am simply asking people if they have had this kind of thing come up with their own kids and have found any good dietary supplements that have worked. Sometimes the best advice comes from perfect strangers!!!

barry jennings answers:

Fortisips, ensure plus or entera, they are 200ml carton 300 calories and nutritionally complete. You can get them on prescription.

Ken asks…

Super hyper/mouthy moments in 3 month old puppy. (Vets/trainers prefered)?

Female Rottweiler, 12 weeks. She’s not really mouthy normally, and if so she’ll stop when you tell her no. But at night somtimes, she’ll get like an adhd moment, where she goes crazy hyper, and will pounce and bite and growl.
Not aggressivly more of play, and she knows shes wrong cause when you tell her ‘no’ shell bark at you.

I know you have to stop playing with her, ridirect her play, etc.

I want to know why she does this, i know dogs have hyper moments, but why the attacking?

She’s indoor, outside potty trained, crated at night/when we’re out. Starting trick training. Has first shots up to 9 weeks. (making appointment for next shots today)
has a normal diet of puppy chow. in the mornings it’s mixed with cottage cheeze and se gets a puppy vitamin. and she has alot of toys.

No other behavioral problems.
She’s only 12 weeks. you cant walk them out alot yet. Hasn’t gotten all her shots. And you shouldnt feed a baby adult food.
I know they have joint probs and hip displacia. And that puppy food has high protien. I just thought 12 weeks was a little too soon for that.

barry jennings answers:

Honestly, she’s just a puppy! Just like children they have random hyper moments and if you’re crate training her- she’s smart- she’s trying to burn some energy before bedtime. You have to keep doing what you’re doing and she’ll grow out of it eventually but put your foot down and don’t allow her to bite/growl for any reason. Also, that “barking” back at you is a sign of dominance and can be a big problem later in life. Start implementing a Nothing In Life Is Free routine and NEVER allow that talking back that she’s doing.

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