Your Questions About Adhd Diets For Kids

Michael asks…

How many calories do 6 year old boys need?

My son is severely ADHD and is on the level of medication that helps him make it through the day. We have already tried a lower dose but he couldn’t function and was always in trouble at school. The problem is that he has lost some weight and needs to gain some back. I need to know about how many calories he needs to consume to maintain his current weight and also how many calories that he needs to consume to start to gain some back.

barry jennings answers:

It depends. Dont settle for a number. Bad idea..if he needs to gain weight back he needs to be eating more. (Is he really low or something?)
If he is severely ADHD then he is mostlikely very active so this will up the amount of food intake he should have, the medicines come into effect.

Dont look for a number, just try adjusting amounts. If you want to add more into his diet remember that his stomach is only so big. You might want to think about snacks. Also if you are underweight sugary snacks or PB&J are great for kids because they are pure energy that they quickly burn off.

Dont count calories, just go off what is needed…more or less depending on what is going on.

Ken asks…

How do you help an ADHD friend?

I just met a grade seven kid who has ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder).
Once in a while we go to church together, but he does all the symptoms of an adhd kid… I have to be seated away from my family and his sister with him so he’ll be less adhd-ish.
What do I do instead of of saying ‘no’ or try to make him sit still all the time? I unintentionally laugh at what he does which i think encourages him = =;;;
How should I act around him in general?

barry jennings answers:

The ADHD should be treated in his diet and possibly with medication. As for how to act around him…one of the biggest things you can do is to be patient with him. As you know try not to laugh and encourage his behavior by giving him more attention but rather correct him when needed in a loving way. Just being friends with him probably helps.

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