Your Questions About Adhd Diets For Kids

Carol asks…

Parents: have you noticed recently…?

That small children nowadays are profoundly more ill-behaved and are generally smaller than generations past?

I’ve just noticed so many kids in public (and in my social circle) who are allowed to do things I was never allowed to do–hit their parents, bite their parents, kick and scream for hours on end, say vulgar words. I’ve also noticed that kids are growing tinier and tinier.

And do you think that this could relate to any of the following:
-The modern belief that spanking is child abuse
-Our poor diets consisting of sugar and fats and corn syrup
-Our society’s need for constant entertainment: television, movies, video games, even electronic toys to teach kids to read
-The willingness of doctors to hand out autism/Aspergers/ADHD diagnoses like candy
-The growing discomfort and disgust with breastfeeding
-The fact that parents are getting younger every day (I mean, there are TV shows about teenage mothers!) and the fact that many marriages are either splitting up or just not happening
-“Child psychology” and the “Supernanny” way of doing things
-The “cry it out” method
-“Teaching children independence” by not picking them up after a certain age or letting them put their own Band-Aids on their boo-boos (this is not a very common practice yet but I’ve seen a few mothers who believe in this)
-Not letting children become independent at all by letting them use bottles, pacifiers, and diapers until kindergarten or beyond

I’m not being judgmental at all in asking this, and I certainly don’t agree with all of the points that I just listed. I’m just wondering if anyone has thought about this, and if you think one of these points, some of these points, or all of these points are to blame. If you have any others to add, let me know!

barry jennings answers:

I don’t think we can point at any one thing in particular that causes this. I think it’s a combination of many things and it varies from child to child.

I have other theories than the ones you listed.

I think that a lot of parents are not spending enough time with their children. In a lot of families both parents must work out or are very busy with some things, so they have less time to spend with their children. During the little time they do have with them, both parents and children tend to be tired after a busy day and choose to spend that time on TV or other easy entertainment rather than actually do some activities together that would both be educational for the children and strengthen family bonds.

Parents are also increasingly expecting schools to teach their children manners, discipline and such, while schools still consider that the parents’ role and are in a tight position anyway, with parents not giving schools much space to teach those things because they are worried that the discipline might be too harsh on the kids.

I’m sure that the fast paced lifestyles, poor nutrition, chemical additives in food, lack of exercise and excessive access to technology are not helping either. I think that parents today also tend to be overprotective and very concerned about their children’s safety, so I think they don’t allow their children enough independence.

You’ve noticed things that kids today are allowed to do that kids used to not be allowed to do, but have you noticed the opposite as well, all the things that kids today are not allowed to do that kids used to be allowed to do? Kids used to play outside and satisfy their need for exercise, noisy games and such, but now a lot of parents don’t want their kids to be outside much, due to safety concerns, and instead the kids are expected to be inside all day, calm and quiet in front of the TV.

Where I live children are getting bigger though, not smaller. Every generation here is taller than the previous ones.

William asks…

why is my life so hard?

im 17, i dont do anything anymore. i got kicked out of my school for skipping and i dont go anywhere now. all i do is sit at home eat ,drink diet pepsi and play games. i talk nasty to everyone and do whatever i want and dont listen to anyone but myself. i have so many bad things happend to me in my life and its just bulding up to the point where i cant take anything anymore. all my life i was the fat kid and still am i was on many diets. one diet made me lose 75 pounds until i gave up bc i had a breakdown and gained alot more back. everyone hates me , my own brother dosnt even love me. my mom loves me bc im her son and all i do is do nothing and be mean to her and not listen i dont even like my dad because he left me when i was younger and came back 8 years later. i have adhd and depression but i was on pills and none of them work. it like i am cursed or something. all of the bad things i do , i dont want to do, i want to be happy and listen and just be good. i dont know who i am. i am all good inside my heart, i want to be good but all that comes out is hate. i just want to be happy like my heart wants me to be but i cant bc its like my brain wont let me do it or something it tells me to be bad and not listen. im probrably crazy and just a stupid mentaly ill person. i think about killing myself but i would never do it bc im to scared. i am very emotional i cry over anything and yesterday i was crying for an hour because my brother and i were fighting about some stupid ass reason ans its just all a big dose of bull crap. i wish i was a normal person with normal problems. i dont even want to live because my life is all just a big piece of failure.

barry jennings answers:

HAHA, your the boy version of me,but i aint got adhd,You sound a little spoiled like me too! 😀 (i think?) Ive been like that,i quit my school cause of bullying people,i started playing WoW for 2 years! Can you belive it? 2 years of sitting by a computer,my eyes hurted i tell ya,i sat there from the day to the next morning,playing cause of depression,i was depressed cause i was fat,and i still am! But you know what? I changed my life by just doing some small changes->stop play wow,MMO’s are dangerous and other games too,also i changed the play time from games from a day to just 2-4 hours instead. And i turned the sleeping clock to going to bed at 23.00 instead,and to wake up at 10. The main thing for me to change my life was to stop listen to screamo/hardcore blabla metal songs cause they made me depressed. Instead i listen to piano and pop now,because some songs make you happy and some sad,never listen to sad songs. When i was depressed i ended up bleeding on the whole floor from cutting myself,they found me just in time so that i wouldnt die. I had not so many friends but they made me realise that i need to live. I still have problems with people but im trying to ignore it ,you should read a book about it,or talk to someone close to you that understand. Another thing is-> ive seen people,people that play. When they play they get angry,when they arent,they are like angels. So. Stop playing games,or sit by the comp all the time, Change your life boy,before its too late. You need to get into a school,and go there,so you can get any job you want. Because its not fun being a maid all the time,to earn small money,that makes you afford the rent of a 1 room apartment.Like animals,we all need to work to get food on the table. And if your a animal lover,get a dog , they are great for keeping you outside the house,the world is beautifull boy. Your not a failure,its never you,but you need to change your lifestyle,when you do that youll feel better.

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