Your Questions About Adhd Diets For Kids

Sharon asks…

Can my 3 year old son have a hormone imbalance?

He is very strong for his age, he is very hyper, he has bad mood swing like rage. The muscles on him are crazy for example his legs look like Popeyes. Also his penis is very long for a 3 year old even his daycare lady who has watched him his how life has commented that he is and she has watched many kids in the 25 years she has been babysitting. They said he has ADHD and put him on medicine but it only made his mood swings wose so I took him off it. I dont want my kid drugged. We changed his diet he is on a schedule and always has been. They have also tested his thyroid which was fine.
Rabbit Trouble, if you can not respond to questions like a grown up do not respond at all. I am concern with my sons rage this is not normal rage he is violent he hurts himself and others. and he can snap for no reason.
My son has been tested for Austism which he doesn’t have and also bipolar and paranoia which he doesn’t have. He is very intelligent learning things more quickly then others his age his speech is perfect and sounds like you are talking to a 5 year old not a 3 year old. He can count to 10 in English and spanish knows the ABC’s his full name all of his body parts and colors.

barry jennings answers:

This might answer your question.


Chris asks…

Ritalin Plays A Role In 95% Of Adolescent Killing Cases?

More Than Ninety-Five Percent Of Kids That Have Killed Are On Ritalin Or A Similar Drug For ADHD. They theorize that all of these children were all “different” because of this drug’s side effects.

People don’t seem to be aware that these drug’s labels state that it is a side effect.

Some experts say that this “ADHD” is actually not a real disease, and that the high content of sugar in a daily diet is to blame.

What do you believe?

I’m not sure as of now.

barry jennings answers:

Did you ever consider these children were different because they had ADHD and the social problems that sometimes goes with it. Years of being told they were lazy, stupid or crazy and that if they would just sit still and pay attention then they would be OK and that is two things they couldn’t do? The drugs side effects are small as compared to the effects of having ADHD.

Maybe the experts say that it isn’t a disease but I think it is a classification of people that have the same brain chemistry.

I don’t believe your sugar theory at all. Given how much sugar is in what kids eat, I’d say it would seem like 90% of the kids had ADHD. But then it would be the other kids that would not be normal then wouldn’t it.

I believe you are trolling here.

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