Your Questions About Adhd Diets For Kids

Linda asks…

Any kids on ADHD meds?

We think that we are going to have to put my 11yr old son on some sort of ADHD meds.

We have been dealing with this since he was 6 years old. We’ve tried the ADHD diet, adding plenty of exercise and sports, the caffeine drinks and they aren’t helping. He has just started middle school and switching classes. He is now expected to concentrate and listen on one subject for an hour and then switch classes. In elementary school, they changed subjects every 20 to 30 minutes.

He is reading above grade level. His math skills are above grade level. However, because he can’t pay attention long enough, he isn’t understanding what the assignments are. It takes him four hours to do two hours worth of homework, even with us trying to keep him on task and eliminate distractions. If we can explain it in 10m or less, he gets it and can do the work. It just takes forever.

Now we are down to trying meds.

What meds has your kid been on? How did it effect him/her? What side effects do we need to be aware of? What are the downfalls? What is the upside?
@ebob — what other options do you suggest? He’s going to fail 6th grade if he can’t concentrate through 1 hour of class time. We are willing to try just about anything. Meds are a last resort for us too.
@ Savie — he is in the Gifted & Talented program at school. We also got him into the study skills program to help him get better organized and give him those tools.

barry jennings answers:

My child wasnt on the meds but a previous bf had their 4yr old on them, She still takes them but, I dont talk to the family much. Yes they calmed her down. But, they…. SLOWED her down. Way down.

Within 20 to 30 mins of her taking it, she was glazed eyes and quiet. The Dad only had partial custody, every other weekend and the holidays. So he didnt get much of a say in this.

I have seen some kids are not like this but, I would see if there are any other natural options. Maybe if possible and affordable I have heard about massage and ….. Oh loss of words.. With the needles…

I do think sometimes you have to turn to meds though. He needs to be able to be the superstar he is!

Paul asks…

My son has ADHD and im switching our family to an all organic (natural) diet, any brand names kids would like?

I mostly shop at whole foods (memphis) any good name brands for kids that would taste like somewhat what their use to i’m mostly interested in cereal, pancakes mix, syrup, bread, frozen items (pizza, waffles etc). I really want them to enjoy the all natural diet, and not scare them off from the organic. any other tips you have regarding switching over to an organic (natural) i would really appreciate it!

barry jennings answers:

The whole point of eating natural foods for treating ADHD is to cut out all processed foods, especially sugar and artificial flavours and preservatives.

Organic cereals, pancakes mix, syrup, bread, pizza, waffles etc…..are still going to be packed full of sugar, even though it is organic sugar.

And even though these things are organic, they are still heavily processed.

Eating organic and biodynamic is fantastic. I am sure the chemical pesticide traces left on non-organic produce causes a lot of health issues.

But it is best to stick with organic fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. Frozen is ok but tinned is a no-no.

This does not have to be boring, as you can make all sorts of yummy things.

Get your kids onto Green Smoothies:

Get yourself a dehydrator (excalibur is a good brand) and make organic fruit leathers – you basically purée fruit and dehydrate it and you finish with healthy fruit leathers that most kids love to snack on.

Alissa Cohen has some amazing raw vegan desserts and cakes.

They are sugar-free, flour-free etc…

A Champion juicer (and other juicers) can make fruit ice -“creams”:

This is a lovely healthy treat for children using organic fruit.


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