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Ken asks…

Do I have ADD/ADHD or something related?

Ok here are the symptoms, I’m not going to make them biased toward anything, just the straight facts.

-When people talk to me for more than just a sentence (like when telling a story), I can listen for about the first 10 seconds then my mind wanders elsewhere or I’ll space out and I’ll have no idea what they just said
-This also applies to when I’m in lecture halls, I can’t pay attention to the professor for the life of me
-I’m very spacey almost all the time. This is especially true when I work out, I become even more spacey than normal
-When I sit down I can’t sit still. I have to move my arms, shake my legs or feet, do something to fidget around. This is an all the time kind of thing also
-I have a lot of trouble staying focused on an assignment
-I have a general sense of feeling emotionless most of the time. If I can feel genuine emotion, then it’s a lucky day for me

My diet is fine, I eat a lot of whole foods, not a lot of boxed foods. I drink water, milk, and occasionally juice. No pop. I eat a lot of tuna. In other words I avoid junk foods/convenience foods and eat healthy for the most part.
Also, I’m very in shape, more so than I ever was before.
I’m a 20 year old kid and have experienced these symptoms since at least middle school.

I tried Adderall XR 25 mg my senior year of high school. It worked wonders for the first couple of days. But after that, it started pooping out after literally 2 or 3 hours of having taken it. 2-3 hours! Those things should last you 8 hours. And by pooping out, I mean I become less focused (obviously), but for the most part, really really spacey again. I also lost any kind of appetite. Perhaps that was too high of a dose? After all I only weighed 150 lbs at the time.
I also took Lexapro months before that – nothing.
Wellbutrin XR – nothing.

I heard allergies can cause ADHD symptoms. I have dust allergies, took Zyrtec and Allegra, both didn’t help hardly at all but when the Zyrtec worked, the ADHD didn’t go away.

Not sure what my deal is… I hope somebody out there does that doesn’t say “get rid of all the sugars in your diet and get plenty of exercise” etc etc. My diet is fine. I exercise all the time.

barry jennings answers:

You may have ADHD primarily inattentive (the term ADD is no longer correct) and I have copied a link to the diagnostic criteria, which is a more accurate way of telling whether you have ADHD.

The fact that you only started showing symptoms in middle school suggests that ADHD is not the cause of your problems. Is it possible that the symptoms didn’t seem as bad as there was less pressure to concentrate, or that you just can’t remember?

The bit about feeling emotionless is very stange and is in no relation to ADHD. This is a symptom of many mental illnesses (depression etc.) but that is not what this question is about.

Another fact that suggests that you don’t have ADHD is your response to the medication. The fact that these medications appeared to work, but only for a short period of time, says that the results may have been caused by the placebo effect as they did not work in the way they where intended to.

You may want to speak to your gp in case you have ADHD or another disorder, as you are the best judge of whether or not your body is normal. Good luck.


Carol asks…

What kind of problem is this?

I’m 14, male. I stay at being interested in a subject, and after a week or few, and study it hard, sometimes spending a lot of money, it suddenly stops, and I go to another subject.

I may be a perfectionist, so I try to become very educated about the subjects (And I do), and if I’m buying something, it usually costs a lot cause I’m afraid of it being a waste of money cause I would buy a better version.

I’ve gotten addicted to sex several times throughout my life, sometimes not being able to eat cause food isn’t related to sex and therefor it’s disgusting to me in this period. The last time this happened, I haven’t eaten in days, and had to use milk cause it’s somewhat related to sex, and use it to trigger hunger.

I have bizarre fetishes, including ones for peeing, pooping, farting, sweat, pet/master, collars, leashes, humiliation, feet, little girls (I wouldn’t ever rape btw), furry, sneezing, ah **** you get the point.

Sometimes when I masturbate, I tend to scratch, bite, or pinch myself hard because there is a strong desire to do so.

Also, if I use a drawing design that’s supposed to be ‘simple’, then it has to be extremely even and perfect.

I may have OCD, if I touch something with one hand, I sometimes need to touch it with both hands at the same time, or else I get an uncomfortable feeling in my head. I sometimes get ‘touch rushes’ and have to touch everything with both hands.

I have anger problems, I tend to burst easily when most of the time something really annoying pisses me off. I yell loud, run, kick at walls, hit things, etc.

I have anxiety and paranoia in public, whenever someone laughs I think it’s at me, or when someone compliments me, I think it’s sarcastic.

In public I’m scared of getting up and walking cause I fear that somebody is watching me as I walk, and I would screw up or something.

When I go to the store with someone, and I’m supposed to get an item without the person with the cart, I’m scared that people would be judgmental about the item and mark me as something (Stereotype).

I care too much about my health apparently, says my mom who is a smoker and doesn’t eat too much. I avoid milk products (except yogurt) or meat, and I care about things like temperature of the food, cause hot meals are easier to digest than cold meals.

I tend to imagine myself talking to people in my head, and imagine myself as being bold and brave, but I’m pretty shy, and I end up feeling like a loser when I fail to ask someone a normal question or some crap.

I’m afraid to ask people for help, cause I’m afraid they would find me annoying, or they would answer wrong on purpose so I look like an idiot.

When a teacher gives voiced instructions, I pay attention to instructions, but end up forgetting a lot of it.

I don’t feel worse than all people, I feel like I’m better than everybody else (Cause I am, I have a perfect diet, I have talent, my parents are smart people, I know so much more than everybody else cause I spend so much intense time studying), and a smart person can’t be seen from the outside, plus an uninformed person might think a smart person is dumb cause the uninformed person doesn’t know enough to judge other people, but they still do.

I tend to follow my friends (Which I don’t trust btw) around, everywhere, I feel a lot less paranoid that people will judge me, and they’ll just spread the judgement out upon the whole group of friends.

Btw, even if I know what disorder this is, I will never get medication for it, especially if it’s synthetic. They’re giving ******* amphetamines to kids with ADD/ADHD, and they get hooked for life and have lots of health problems in their future.

They give people these ******* antidepressents that boost levels of serotonin so much that serotonin receptors end up getting destroyed.

If it’s anything, it’ll be natural treatment.

barry jennings answers:

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