Your Questions About Adhd Diets For Children

Mark asks…

Why does vegan food smell so bad?

We just got a vegan child in the daycare and this food stinks the whole room up. And how can idiots think this is a healthier way to live? If you are dependent on modern society to eat naturally then something is really wrong.
AAG: I wouldn’t say that smells bad. You need to improve who your with.
What smells is the protien enhanced food she need to eat to stay healthy. The fake meats, the imitation dairy and those “hotdogs” are horrible.

barry jennings answers:

When I initially read the question it made me think you were an idiot but after reviewing it I think what you are trying to say is that it’s some processed vegan food and not natural and you don’t understand how parents can raise their child as vegan and think the modern society method is healthy. Maybe I’m wrong but as far as the smell some things just smell bad regardless of the dietary choice. For example liver cooked smells horrible and so does fish, shrimp, clams, and oysters. There are a number of reasons but as long as the food is healthy and not a bunch of junk food then I wouldn’t worry. Since the child is there you might want to research a bit on vegan diets just to create an understanding for the child’s sake. Not saying you should convert or anything but just learn a bit so you can monitor the kids diet . That way if you notice health changes you can let the parents know. The same thing with learning about kids who are anemic, have potassium deficiencies, have gluten intolerance, or ADHD diets. Knowledge always helps.

George asks…

Is mountain dew ok for children under the age of 5?

My sister’s son is addicted to it. I swear he its the mountian dew that makes him so hyper and uncontrollable. I refuse to go any where them or watch him. I tryed telling my sister its the md thats makeing him this way and she said she had him tested and he has adhd, and Did I mention he is only 3. Whats your thoughts so I can prove her wrong.

barry jennings answers:

Soda is bad at any age, but it’s especially harmful for children. Lifelong eating habits are cemented during the first 5 years of life, which is why it’s so important that young children eat a healthy diet. Also, at a time when children are developing so rapidly (physically, emotionally, and intellectually), it is especially healthy that they have healthy food as fuel.
So by giving her son soda at age 3, she is pretty much ensuring that he will be addicted to it for life. Kids who eat junk food are more likely to be not only fat, but to have learning difficulties when they’re older.
Personally, if you want my opinion, I’m appalled that she would give something that is nothing but garbage to her son. He needs to be drinking water, milk, and some 100% (no sugar added) fruit juice – nothing else. My son is also 3, and he’s not allowed to drink soda. On occasion, he’s allowed to have all – natural seltzer (which is just carbonated water – no sugar or anything fake) with a little fruit juice mixed into it. And he loves it! I usually don’t recommend telling other people how to raise their kids, but in this case, she’s really harming her son’s health. I would bring it up to her. Search Google for problems associated with poor eating habits in young children (obesity, tooth decay, learning and behavior problems, poor eating habits for life) and the importance of teaching young children to eat healthy – trust me, you’ll find more than enough information! Then, present her with the information (make sure her son isn’t around – if there’s anything a parent really hates, it’s being criticized in FRONT of their children) and tell her you’re very concerned. Good luck!

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