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Thomas asks…

Parents with ADHD kids: How do i stop worrying about my sons camp outing this weekend? ?

This will be the first time my son goes camping and goes anywhere without a parent. He has ADHD and takes Adderall daily except on the weekends. I spoke to my son about his meds and he wants to take them for the camping trip. Ive already made a whole page on my sons eating habits and sleeping habits while on the meds. Im just so worried that he wont eat right or sleep right or get anxious while camping. Its only for two nights and its local campsite (40 minutes away) but im so worried that the phone will ring and one of the leaders will call me and complain about my sons behaviour or that my son will be discriminated against or that when i pick him up afterwards, he will have lost five pounds!

Am i overeacting or is this normal to worry? If my child didnt have ADHD, it would be so much easier but he has ADHD really bad and since he was four. The meds help tremendously and he’s on routine structure at home and school especially with his diet. Diet means having high calorie foods (homo milk) and different eating times b/c of the meds. I hope the leaders at the camp will really work with my son and take his diet and imsomnia seriuosly. I dont want them to dislike my son or give him a hard time.

I forgot to mention, i cannot go on the camp trip b/ci work strictly midnights and on weekends. I have to rely on another parent to take my child. I have noone else

barry jennings answers:

He’s going to have to learn to deal with changes as he grows older–his routine will never be constant one hundred percent of the time. If they call to complain, they call to complain. Make sure your son knows that if they call you, he’s coming home. He may be on his best behavior being with other people. He may also be more tired since he’ll be outside all day and all night. He won’t lose five pounds in two days.

Every parent worries just like you do, regardless of whether their child has ADHD or not. Just let him be a kid and see what happens. He may just be a bear when he gets home for you, but better with mom than someone else!

Helen asks…

is the number of kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD etc ??

A. an excuse for parents who cannot dicipline their children?

B. always been the same but now we can diagnose and treat the conditions?

C. The result of environmental factors such as excess TV, excess exposure of EMF to fetuses, parental drug use, lack of exercise, inadequate diets etc?

Please provide your answer and expound.

barry jennings answers:

C. The amount of toxins in today’s lifestyle are enormous. As you can see, I have four kids of my own. My daughter (eldest) used to go completely hysterical whenever she didn’t get what she wanted. She could not control her emotions. My first son (I have 3), would NEVER do what he was told. I thought they just had difficult personalities, like me. I had depression for years, and I was so “up and down” all the time. I could never predict how I would react to any given situation.

My husband put us all on the FAILSAFE diet and it changed our lives. I now have stable, happy moods. My daughter (6yo) is very helpful, considerate and stable emotionally, my son (4yo) actually considers the things that we say and can be talked around. Previously he was completely stubborn and defiant.

The toxins we removed from our diets include all artificial additives (preservatives, anti-oxidants, colours, flavours). We also removed salicylates, amines and glutamates, which are all naturally occuring chemicals in natural foods. Tomatoes and cheese are some things that used to be staples in our diet, but now we avoid, as they cause bad behavioural reactions in all of us. My son also reacts (behaviourally) to dairy products. (My other two kids are still a bit too young to have diet modification… One still breast fed).

Anyway, IMO, toxins in food and household products (eg shampoo, coloured play-dough, paint, soap, detergent, etc) all play a major role in behavioural problems in both adults and children.

I actually read a study on prison inmates whose diets were changed, and their behaviours became normal!

While parenting skills does play a part in some situations, you’ve got to ask if the “bad parents” are, like their children, suffering from food intolerance reactions. Getting the diet right helps so much for the whole family.

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