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Sandra asks…

Do you the difference between Autism and ADHD ?

I went too the chemist and should add the big Boots store to get some advice and vitamins for Thomas whom has autism and his diet is limited, i asked the pharmacist ‘ Do you have any vitamins for children with a limited diet’ he showed me some and asked about his health i said ‘Oh Thomas has autism’ he replied ‘No no you will have to see your GP’ i said why he said ‘because of the ritalin’ i said ‘Thomas isn’t on Ritalin’ but he still refused and thought i was lying ,so my question is do you know the difference between the two, or did i get a pharmacist who didn’t have a clue !
lol Charli .. did ask if he knew the difference .. seems NOT !
I am not thumbs downing any one .. i mean come on if a pharmacist doesn’t know ..who does !
Hi tinker .. thanks for your reply ..Thomas eats fine his weight is great he is just getting very little vitamins as he only eats toast, but we have use found a bread with added vitamins thankfully !
Mother’s Pride V-Force, contains 17 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of the vitamin. It also contains calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B complex, said the report.
This is the one x

barry jennings answers:

I know that YOU know the difference.

I just want to make one point – one person said…
”autism is when their mentality and learning is slower in age then their actual age”

This statement is categorically incorrect. I have an IQ of about 120 (I think), my 10y/o autistic nephew has an IQ of 141 – which is termed as ”Gifted” on the IQ scale. He is the smartest kid I know – and I’m not even just saying that. His problems lie in communication and expression. Not with his mentality or learning. He does not learn in a ”normal” learning environment – he learns from a system that is catered to him to maximise his educational experience. So anyone who thinks Autistic kids are below average on the intelligence scale – please, think again.

As for your so called pharmacist. What a load of BULL! Kyle isnt on any medication either, they have suggested and recommended it – but neither he or his parents require him to be drugged up. This chemist needs re-educationg that not all kids needs their personalitys suppressed with Ritalin.

Sharon asks…

Any parents found effective alternative to AD(H)D medication?

If you have chosen not to medicate your child for ADD/ADHD, what else are you trying that has worked? Exercise? Diet? Sensory diet? Please include your child’s age and gender.

I am a special education teacher and I would like to have some suggestions to offer parents who struggle with this decision.

barry jennings answers:

I have tried all the “other” methods in the past, and found that those ideas do help to some degree, but the medication does sort of seal the package for us. The medicine is beneficial in our case, but not in all.

Our pediatrician suggested that we modify the environment before we make “internal” changes in our son. We did this by:

changing the diet — change meal time, along with the content of meals. Keep mental track of what he is eating a lot of, and see if it is a “trigger” for the behavior. I know of an instance where a child was triggered into bizarre uncontrolled behavior due to consumption of cheese. It ended up that he was allergic to dairy products, and the reaction manifested itself into these bizarre behaviors. Of course, you could eliminate the over abuse of sugars, but sometimes the natural sugars, such as in fruit, are more concentrated than the candy and such. And of course we can’t eliminate fruit, so I guess that is a battle we can’t win.

Modify the routine — bedtime was always a chore. He used to watch TV until he fell asleep. That was eliminated. We bought a night light, and allowed him to listen to SOFT music throughout the night. Of course, the first few nights were terrible, but it makes a huge difference.

Modify the learning environment — kids with ADD/ADHD learn in different manners than other children. Find the way this kid learns and capitalize on it. Of course, you will have to do some serious work to figure out the learning method, but it is way worth it in the long run. Mine learns through senses — doing it — over and over and over. Of course, we have to change it up. You know, first do flash cards, then do a fun game, then write it, then read it, and so on. Finding out this path is KEY to making learning a SUCCESS.

Finally, make sure that the learning environment, more specifically the one at home, is quiet and the least disturbed by traffic place in the house. There is a desk on our back porch specifically where my son sits. No traffic, no TV, no noise. It works perfect.

I am four years into this game, so I have tried a lot of variations to these. If there is any one that I can help, feel free to contact me.

I know this is a very hot issue with some people…some say medication is WRONG, some say medication is vital to success of these children.

I say that it depends upon the child. Many are misdiagnosed; I have a friend whose child took the medication for two years, only to find out that restless leg syndrome was keeping the child awake at night, and thus setting the tone for the whole day–making her grouchy, unapproachable and inattentive.

So, each case needs to be weighed out individually. Lots of children who have these issues also have other things going on. These kids need individual consideration. There is no way that a blanket idea can truly be effective in educating these kids.

Good luck!

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