Your Questions About Adhd Diets For Children

Charles asks…

Natural ways to help child with ADHD?

My son is 7 and I have thought since he was 3 that he had ADHD. He has been diagnosed but is not on medication. I wanted to see if we could get control of things without hard medications. It is not working with the disciplining and the way we are doing things. He is getting into A LOT of trouble at school and I feel bad for him but at the same time I am embarrassed. We have tried the natural diet with no sugar and all that, no luck. Are there any natural supplements or vitamins we could try? Any advice or suggestions are welcome! Medicating him would be our absolute last resort. Thanks!

barry jennings answers:

I don’t know a lot about the topic but i have been told that some of the Herbal Life products help.

Mandy asks…

I’m wondering if anyone has been successful in treating their child’s ADHD without medication.?

Has anyone been successful in treating their childs ADHD without medication but by changing their childs diet or another method in treating the problem if so what did you do? i’m in search of treatment for my son but medication is a last resort.

barry jennings answers:

My ex-husband had medicated my son for a year before I found out. He was sleepy and very mellow all the time. A far cry from the “lover of life” that he use to be. Yes he bounced off the walls a little but for the most part he did not have to be medicated. I thought he was going through withdrawl because he kept telling me that it was time for his meddy (that’s what he called his medicine). My son had been with me for a few days when I noticed him coming back to life so I took him to the doctor and she was able to get records that confimed his dad had him put on a drug. So the doctor said no more and we came up with a plan that included limited sugar, lots of exercise, quiet time, and lots of structure. My advice would be to find a doctor that isn’t quick to medicate unless your son could possibly harm himself.
I take him to a counsler once a week. It’s been over a year and he takes no medication and is a perfectly functioning 8 year old little boy with the love of life back in his eyes.

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