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Laura asks…

What resources and support groups are available for mothers of children with ADHD?

My friends son was just diagnosed with ADHD and she is really poor and in school. She has applied for SSI to help pay for any therapy her son may need. He is really behind developmentally and can get completely out of control at times. She does not want to treat it with medications, but rather, alternative forms of treatment such as OT or Music therapy. She spoke to one of our professors, who is a MT-BC, and she told her to try a Gluten free diet, and get Asberger’s ruled out. I really want to help her get the best help possible. Any info would be appreciated! thank you

barry jennings answers:

SSI is for children with marked impairment in functioning-generally not ADHD—-if he has ADHD in additional to other impairments he may you say he is behind developmentally—but his needs are unclear as in the title of your question—you indicate ADHD only

the school may be able to provide some services–specifically OT

Martial Arts is a good activity for kids with ADHD-really helps with their attention/control their activty

and its Aspergers you want to rule out.

Also Sensory Integration disorder that is treated by an OT
Sensory problems are often misdiagnosed as ADHD..

I am going to assume she fully researched meds before deciding against it–if not–she needs to do this–some kids are at risk for serious injury because of ADHD—and she could consider a week or month long trial of meds before making a final decision–

Donald asks…

What are your views on Treating children with meds for ADD/ADHD?

I have a 7 year old boy who is very active, cant stay focused and just failed the first grade by being 2 points short in reading. He passed his CRCT test ( test to determine their skills, etc) I feel like the teacher failed him on purpose.

Ever since prek my sons teachers have suggested he may have one of these disorders. I dont believe in these meds. I am terrified of giving my son meds that have killed children. On the other hand i know the kids who actually have this it helps a lot. Its just from all my research i have concluded its way over diagnosed and that schools mainly recommend it these days because they get more money to have children with these issues from the government and some parents can collect from government as well so they drug their perfectly healthy kids.

His teacher this year called me all the time, emailed me and constantly asked what i was doing about his problem. We tried several things at home, diet changes, all natural vitamin -calm child, and nothing please her. I have always feared talking to a doctor about it but he is getting very much out of control. He is acting out in several ways, he shows no respect, breaks and destroys almost everything, talks back etc. Now i know its all about how you raise your children and i assure you he has been raised with nothin but respect and manners. Its just over the last 2-3 years its slowly getting worse.

My family and I always said hes a little boy, thats how they are, but now we are all seeing this change and its really hurting his self esteem. He never gets your doing great at school. they constantly make him feel like hes not doing his best. We spent so much time working with him, sending him morning and afternoon tuturial and still they failed him. He didnt get to play sports or have any fun because of the amount of school work they sent him home with. He is begging me to change his school and hes so upset all his friends are moving on and hes not.

My question is what do you think i should do. I am finally going to take him to the doctor but i am going to express to them that i dont want him on meds unless they firmly believe that this is the problem. I would also want the lowest dose possible. What are your veiws and opinions. I want whats best for him and his future. I dont want to be the reason he doesnt feel good about himself, Also i dont know if this has anything to do with it but he also has a bedwetting problem and doctors have always said he will grow out of it but i think its getting worse and he sometimes has accidents during the day.

Thanks for all advice ahead of time!!! Please dont be rude i am simply asking for your story or opinions.

barry jennings answers:

I have a son who turned 7 yesterday! His story is very much like your son’s only he didn’t fail the first grade. I believe that is only because his teacher was afraid that she would get stuck with him again. I had a LONG, HARD year with him, but I learned alot. First of all (it’s a state law here so check your local laws) teachers are NOT allowed to tell you that your son has add/adhd or any other disease or disorder. They are simply allowed to tell you of the problems he is having and maybe even suggest some things to help him. The DR will probably give you a survey to fill out and one for the teacher, If you have an option let his new teacher do it and not the one that failed him. My son’s teacher got so bad that she told me to buy him shoes without laces because my son tied his shoes too much and refused to give him pencils because he also has sensory issues that caused him to press harder then normal, so the tips broke. I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you with the details. I will sum it up to say that it seems to me that it became her personal mission to kill my son’s self esteem. Which I will tell you sadly she did successfully.
When I took my son to the DR I was very specific that meds was a very last resort. So he went thru some testing with a team of therapist and they came up with a plan. He will start Behavioral therapy in 2 weeks and then differant sorts from there as needed. You might want to see what you can do along those lines. It seems to me that my son responded very well to an extra “good job Jr” or a high-five every once in a while instead of the constant put downs he was getting at school.
Most importantly buy a spiral book, send it with him to school everyday. Ask the teacher to take just a minute out of her time at the end of the day to tell you how your son did that day. Make sure this teacher understands that you would like to know the good and bad! Respond to her, ask her questions, give her little things that you may have tried to help him, just make sure that you are on the same page. I did this because she was supposedly trying differant things with my son and nothing worked. But once this notebook came into play there was no proof of her trying anything, even after I got the paperwork from his therapist with things that he NEEDED! So now when I try to sue the school I have all the proof that I need. She punished him and made him write on his lunch break and everything. But even the therapist suggest trying behavior charts, chore charts, reward systems and what they call “when, then” or “if , then” charts. We have been dealing with my son unmedicated for almost a year, and it is a long hard road but it is worth it. I have heard about kids turning into “zombies” on medication. I personally am not willing to take that chance until EVERY other possiblity has been exhausted. Hang in there and if you need to chat feel free to contact me!

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