Your Questions About Adhd Diets For Children

Sandra asks…

Need some help. Can anyone hel me with these questions?

Please if anyone answers these ?’s, can u please number your asnswers 1 -10, thanx
1. What do you know about school age children that have ADHD and their diet?
2. What are the keys signs that school age children with ADHD are not on a proper diet or eating what they should be eating?
3. What are the causes of a bad diet and how can it be remedied?
4. What are the differences with school age children with bad diet that has ADHD and those that have good diet habits and don‘t have ADHD?
5. What are some treatments school age children can get to change their unhealthy diet to be a healthy one?
6. What are some reasons school age children with ADHD, and a poor diet not get help?
7. What are some ways to help children with ADHD change their diet to a healthy one?
8. Is changing a school age children’s diet or medicating for ADHD better than the other, or is their no difference?
9. How does diet affect your life?
10. What else would you like to tell me about the affect?

barry jennings answers:

I’m not really going to answer questions in a 1-10 fashion, but I will say this; Parents are the primary reason that children with or without ADHD have poor diets. I work with special needs children in a public school and see many students with ADHD. I see these same students bring lunches to school that are usually packed by their parents (K-3rd grade), and they are often full of sugar based items. Even the white bread the sandwiches are made of contains sugar. In Oklahoma, where I live and work, all soda has been taken out of the lunchroom. No one is allowed to bring it from home or it will be taken from them and they are instructed to get a half pint of milk (provided free of charge). One reason for this new policy is that children, especially ones with a condition such as ADHD do much better in class and are more cooperative, even at recess. Our school lunches are also to blame, however. We pay for, frankly, very unhealthy food for our children to eat everyday. They have to plan a menu based on government standards, but those standards include ketchup as one serving of veggies.
It is always better to try a change in diet first, medication last. Sometimes that works, sometimes it does not. The primary issue is TOO MUCH SUGAR.

Susan asks…

My child is 8 yrs old and diagnosed w/ADHD. Can someone plz provide a list of high protein foods NO SUGAR PLZ

I have tried to research and only get fish, oils, vegetables. But to change a child’s diet there has got to be some healthy snacks, meals, etc that are good for her and will not have lots of sugar.

barry jennings answers:

Who told you about these things?
This link has some useful information……..having been on medications for adhd and having seen people younger than me on them since i went off of them i am not a fan of the response people get from them ……..
Also keep in mind the more your exposed to a food the more likely you will be to develop an allergy to it
although they recommend limiting exposure to caffeine i find it actually helps me concentrate……always has

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